Military training is designed to prepare students for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan selflessly devoted to the Motherland, the Government of reserve officers who were brought up in the spirit of consciousness, internationalism, moral, stable, disciplined, able to store the state and official secrets of high ideological and moral qualities, as well as knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully perform their duties as commander of a platoon.

The main tasks of the military training of the students are:
1. The formation and development of the basic moral-political, professional and military, psychological and physical qualities; 2. To equip the team and teaching the skills necessary to successfully perform the duties as intended;
3. Field and practical training, high tactical and special and technical training;
4. Training of reserve officers who know the order of service in the reserve, the general procedure on arrival at the destination to a military unit capable of performing all activities assigned to them in a special period and are able to manage the units in combat missions.

To solve these problems is necessary to:
1. Teaching staff in the course of systematic studies to bring to students the requirements of orders and directives of Defense to strengthen the defense of our country.
2. In conducting studies actively shape each students high morale, a deep belief in the rightness of our cause, devotion to the people of Kazakhstan and its legitimately elected president.
3. When training military operation, military and technical training of artillery tactics come from the fact that the main criterion for evaluation of the teacher is the real level of training of students.
4. In the course of practical and group lessons to impart to students the practical skills of a confident execution of fire missions, the skillful management of fire platoon (batteries).
5. When teaching students to provide them with more initiative and independence in solving problems in the management units. 6. Aggressively inculcate students with commanding skills and methodological quality, with an emphasis on the ability to make decisions. 7. To strengthen the supervision of the students in the classroom

The development plans of the military department – the opening of the military Department of Defense Department personnel for training officers for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in short supply military specialties with maximum use of teaching material and the scientific basis of the university.