The chair Information technology and security has been formed in 1960 as «the Applied mechanics». The first manager was доц., к.т.н. I.L.Derevinsky.

The system of the automated designing is today the automated designing of computer technologies, the information systems, new cars, from branch technologies.

The chair Information technology and security  is the official representative of CAE-system ANSYS in Republic Kazakhstan; a member of the International association of engineers-analysts in the field of the theory of a method of final elements NAFEMS.

Now the Information technology and security  heads chair the graduate of Tomsk state university of control systems and radio electronics к.п.н., senior lecturer Kokkoz M.M.Professorsko-prepodavatelskij sostav unites 40 persons, in their structure 1 Dr.Sci.Tech. and 10 Cand.Tech.Sci.

The chair Information technology and security lets out bachelors on specialities: 5В060200 “Computer science”, 5В070400 «Computer facilities and about-grammnoe maintenance», 5В100200 «information security Systems» and a magist-ditch on a speciality 6N0704 «Computer facilities and the software».