On holding of the seminar “Implementation of multilingual education in the system of modern education”

In the pursuit of improving the quality of teaching from 24 to 28 April 2017, on the basis of Karaganda State Technical University (organizers: Innovative center of multilingualism of KSTU together with Institute of Advanced Training) was held the Republican scientific-practical seminar “Implementation of multilingual education in the system of modern education” for professors and teachers of colleges and schools.

The seminar was attended by prominent scholars of Kazakhstan:

— MussatayevaManatkulShayakhmetovna — PhD, professor of AbaiKazNPU, corresponding member of RANS, owner of the title “Best teacher of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan””, winner of a Diploma of European quality and European Gold medal, author of 284 scientific papers.

— Kakzhanova Farida Aidarkhanovna associate professor of E.A. Buketov KSU, President of Karaganda Association of Teacher of English (KATE), holder of a Diploma of European quality and European Gold medal.

— Ibrayeva Bayan Mukushevna-  associate professor in “Bolashak”, Vice-President of the National Association of Teachers of English (KazTEA), honored worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduate of JFDP program(Junior Faculty Development Program).

— AshymYssentaiMukataevich — Director of N. Nurmakov specialized boarding school № 2, honored worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

— DyussetayevaKulyashSmagambetovna — Director of specialized boarding school “Daryn”, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, winner of the state award of Kazakhstan — medal “Erenenbegiushin”, excellent worker of education of RK.The seminar was attended by representatives of various universities, colleges and other educational institutions of Kazakhstan: Astana, Aktobe, Kokshetau, Zhezkazgan, Karaganda.

The main aim and objectives of the workshop were:

  • study the real situation regarding the implementation of multilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • research of the advantages and disadvantages of world experience of multilingual education realization;
  • identify prospects, exchange and dissemination of best practice on further development and implementation of multilingual education in Kazakhstan;
  • developing an effective model of implementation of multilingual education in the aspect of requirements of the State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The seminar was sequentially organized in three sessions:

  • “Russian language in the conditions of Kazakhstan cross-cultural communication”,
  • “Teacher-centered training and learner-centered training. Speaking skills”,

“Multilingualism as the basis for the formation of a multicultural personality: an interactive ground and a pedagogical workshop”.

Each of the sessions held panel discussions on topical issues and search of optimum ways of development of multilingual education system in Kazakhstan.

In the first days of the seminar, PhD, M.Sh. Mussatayevaheld lectures about the language situation in Kazakhstan, considered the kinds of language ideology and language policy, gave the characteristics of language planning, factors of multilingualism in Kazakhstan and summarized the world experience in the implementation of multilingual education in the educational institutions of the country. The workshop participants discussed the status of multilingual education in Kazakhstan and abroad, analyzed the accumulated experience in higher and secondary schools.

Director of specialized schools in Karaganda AshymYssentaiMukataevich and DyussetayvaKulyashSmagambetovna shared their long experience of implementation of multilingualism in educational process.

A presentation of innovation activities in the context of multilingual education was held at “Daryn” school. Teachers of the specialized school showed the work of pedagogical workshops, coaching, variable and laboratory classes with the use of gaming technology, presented the projects of the scientific society of students, debates during the course of a friendly meeting of students from “Daryn” and KTL No.1 for participants. Teaching CLIL, its components, objectives, its methodology and techniques were characterized during the open lessons, factors at planning CLIL lessons were analyzed as well. In the conclusion of the third day, workshop participants came to the conclusion that multilingual education is an effective tool of training the young generation for life in an interconnected and interdependent world.

The following day of theseminar was devoted to methods of teaching English and learning the discipline in English. Professor Kakzhanova F.A. focused her attention on the creation of discussion situations, the use of interactive exercises, consisting in the use of contradictory judgments, the continuation of the logical chain of statements, the formulation of the problem assignments and their solutions, the application of gaming technology, based on role-playing games, comparing and matching, in the preparation of students to project activities, mini-projects.

The fifth day of the seminar was devoted to activization of the cognitive activity of students, development of leadership skills and forming of a creative learning process through motivation of students. On the same day teachers of Russian language, AzimbaevaZh.A., Seidakhmetova Z.K. organized a discussion forum with foreign students from Afghanistan and Jordan on theme “Culture and traditions of the people of the world”.Senior English teacher KakzhanovaSh.A.held a master class in English with 2-year students on theme “Standardization, Certification and Metrology”.

The seminar participants discussed the status of multilingual education in Kazakhstan and abroad, analysed the accumulated experience in higher and secondary schools; summarized the results of the seminar and identified future prospects for the introduction of multilingual education in Kazakhstan.

The seminar participants were awarded certificates of professional development.