Department of ”Economics of the enterprise”

History of the department “Enterprise Economy” is closely associated with the development of industry in Central Kazakhstan. The intensive development of the mining industry in 60th years determined the social need for qualified personnel with deep knowledge in the field of economics, technology and organization of the mining industry.

The department of “Economics, Organization and Management” was found in 1961. In 1969, in connection with the reorganization of the department, two new faculties were formed: “Economy Construction” and “engineering economy”. Since 1998, the Department was renamed in “Business Enterprise”, carrying out training on various economic specialties: 070 240 “The economy (in the social sector and industry),” 0712 “Economics and management at the enterprise”, 070 841 “Economics and Management (by industries). »


At various times, the department led by:

The first Head of the Department of “Economics, Organization and Management”  is Associate Professor Gennady A. Zinchenko from 1961 to 1964.

From 1965 to 1978 the department was headed by an experienced operative, Ph.D., Associate Professor Naum Yakovlevich Pessin.

From 1978 to 1992, the department was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Khodjaev Ravil Sharipovich.

From 1993 to the present time the department is heading by Doctor of Economic Sciences (1998), an professor of economics , academician (2000) Akhmetzhanov Bura Akhmetzhanovich , who got a grant of State – “The best teacher of high school for 2010.”


The scientific potential of the department

The scientific potential of the department during the years of its existence are – Professors: Ahmetghanov B.A., Alpisbaeva N.A., Kochkina G.A, Ten N.V.,Hishauova G.T.,  senior teachers: Abisheva T.U., Netovkanaya N.A., Suvorina V.M.,Rauandina G.K.,Tulupova S.A., Son I.P.

The ongoing structural changes in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, expanding the range of specialties in economics, the growth of prestige of the receipt of economic specialization and education have changed the name of the department. In 1998 it was renamed in the department of “Economics of Enterprise.” Since 2001 it started training for undergraduate economic majors. In connection with the transition of higher education to credit technology since 2004, the department is preparing for the following specialties: 5V050506 “Economics”, 5V050508 “Accounting and Auditing,” 5V050908 “Assessment”. In addition, the Department is recruiting undergraduate master degree in 2004 with a degree in “Economy”.