Grand Prix of the APK

Under celebration of the 25th anniversary of independence of RK, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Scientific-expert Council of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan announced a competition of scientific works among young scientists, devoted to Kazakhstan’s model of interethnic tolerance and public consent.

The aim of the competition was to improve ethnopolitical and ethnosocial situation involving scientific and expert potential of the domestic young scientists.

The objectives of the competition were: increase of interest of youth to science, search and support of talented young scientists and to increase the level of patriotism, social responsibility of young scientists, attracting young scientists to the field of study of interethnic and interfaith relations.

The competition was held in four areas:

1) Assembly of People of Kazakhstan – Institute of peace and social consent;

2) The Kazakh khanate: history of the state and the political-economic basis;

3) Idea of ‘Mangilik El’ – the platform of new Kazakhstan;

4) Kazakhstan on the way of development of peace and harmony in the world.

All regions and areas of Kazakhstan took participation in this competition, there were only 4 contestants from South Kazakhstan region (Turkestan), West Kazakhstan region (Uralsk), Kyzylorda region (Kyzylorda), Karaganda region (Karaganda) in the end.

Karaganda was represented by the participant from Karaganda State Technical University, Director of the Research Institute of the Patriotic education, master of Economics Jakupova Dinara Yermekovna with the project on the theme: ‘Formation of new Kazakhstani patriotism among students of a technical college’ in the third direction of the competition – Idea ‘Mangilik El’ – the platform of new Kazakhstan.

D.E. Jakupova presented the Model of Patriotic education on the example of First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of Nation N.A.Nazarbayev developed at KSTU in 2009. In the framework of further development of the Model of Patriotic education, the Model of Patriotic education on the example of First President of RK N.A. Nazarbayev was transformed into the Model of ‘Formation of New Kazakhstan Patriotism’ in May 2014, the methodological basis of which are the national values of ‘Mangilik El’, which is a system 7 logical steps, each of which has a specific target and content load. The model was successfully tested in all academic groups. According to the results of a Republican seminar-meeting, held in October 2010, the Model was recommended for implementation in educational institutions of the country by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

26 November 2016, in Astana, the final round of the competition – protection of participants ‘ projects who reached the final was held in Astana in the Academy of State Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the end of the protection of projects, the highest award − the Grand Prix with diplomas and certificate was awarded to Jakupova Dinara Yermekovna by jury.