Volunteers of ICO «Akniet» in the old people’s home «Mercy»

September 28, 2013 volunteers of ICO «Akniet» visited old people’s home «Mercy», tentatively divided into two groups. One group remained in the street, swept and cleared the area of the building, and another group cleaned in the rooms, corridors, wiping the dust and washed the floors. Then all the volunteers went to the second floor, where they were sincerely thanked by grandparents, shared own experience and told the story of their lives. Volunteers conducted old people to the dining room, hearing still a lot of words of gratitude and promised to visit them next week.

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Day of birth of social project Oiyn Bus 

September 24, 2013 on the territory of SOS Children’s village in Temirtau volunteers of ICO «Akniet» took part in the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the social project’s activity Oiyn Bus (bus game). Children were presented different station with the educational games, drawing, moving competitions, body-art, etc. Main purpose of this social project is the education and development of children from socially unprotected layers of population through the game. The event was attended by pupils of orphanages and children’s village in Temirtau.

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Autumn ball

October 24, 2013 at Youth Palace «Zhastar Alemi» was carried out autumn ball «Magical journey» for children’s home «Tansholpan» and «Noda». The organizers of the event, volunteers of YCO «Akniet» was developed an exciting game program. The event was attended by 30 children, who took part in the competitions and tried different costumes. According to the organizers, children had to go through 6 stations were offered educational games and competitions. The party went on for 3 hours, then for all participants was organized tea table with food. None of the children were not left without attention, all of them were awarded with diplomas and memorable prizes. Children and teachers were satisfied with the evening, at the end of which all those present participated in the launching of sky lanterns

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