Graduates club

Dear graduates of mine surveying and geodesy department!

For association of Ch and ChT – engineers both on the basis of professional communication, and on the basis of common interests and hobbies, Alumni association is created.

Order on creation of Graduates club

 The objectives of the “Graduates Club” of the Department of  “Chemisry and Chemical Technology”:

– Joining forces graduates to enhance scientific, educational, social and cultural potential and promotion of KSTU and chairs gig in the world and Kazakhstan’s scientific and educational space;

– Strengthening corporate unity of the university community: alumni, faculty, staff, students, bachelors, masters, postgraduate and doctoral students of the Department of KSTU and Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technology”;

– Joining forces graduates of the Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technology” for mutual assistance and support in their professional growth, addressing urgent scientific and technical, organizational, legal and production problems.

Tasks of the “Graduates Club” of the Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technology

– The creation of a data bank on graduates of the Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technology” for constant communication with the university graduates and among themselves;

– Cooperation and strengthening relationships between Graduates and the university;

– To promote scientific and business ties between KSTU, the Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technology” and enterprises, organizations and institutions in training and requalification of specialists and development of scientific activities;

– Contribute to the preservation of continuity and development of university traditions in educational, scientific and socio-cultural activities;

– Development of relations with domestic and foreign associations of college graduates in related areas;

– Expansion of the aspects of levels and trends implement educational functions of the department and the university as a leading cultural centers;

– Creating and maintaining a positive image of the university in the educational environment and the social environment;

– Promote the employment of graduates.

In connection with this, we appeal to graduates of polytechnics to contribute to the further development the Alma mater, to take part in the anniversary year!!!

In the main building of KSTU will be installed granite memorial wall with the instructions of the heads of enterprises, firms, companies, organizations and individuals that have rendered sponsor support to the University!

Agreement on graduate employment Part 1

Agreement on graduate employment Part 2