EMCDT list on specialties with teachers’ last names who conduct the disciplines

“WEB-design” (Shakirova Yu.K.)

“WEB-technology” (Shakirova Yu.K.)

«Algorithmic and programming languages» (Solodovnikova I.V.)

“Architecture of Computer Systems” (Kan O.A.)

“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” (Shakirova Yu.K.)

«Verification, standardization and certification of software» (Solodovnikova I.V.)

Discrete Mathematics» (Omar M.T.)

“Interfaces of information systems” (Zaitseva S.V., Salmov V.N.)

«Information security and data protection» (Radko T.I.)

“Information support of accounting and auditing” (Savchenko N.K.)

«Information technology in management of office activities» (Pak E.V.)

«Computer Networks» (Radko T.I.)

«Mathematical methods of optimization» (Popov S.N.)

«Management in Information Technology» (Zaitseva S.V., Salmov V.N.)

«Methods and tools for creating graphics» (Shulgaubaeva G.S.)

“Methods and means of social forecasting” (Suleimenova L.K.)

“Reliability and quality of information systems” (Popov S.N.)

«Operating Systems» (Savchenko N.K.)

«Fundamentals of Information Systems» (Omar M.T.)

«Fundamentals of Operations Research» (Bogushevskaya A.A.)

«Computer simulation» (Shakirova Yu.K., Martynenko O.V.)

«Task-oriented information systems» (Omar M.T.)

«Workshop on Computer» (Savchenko N.K.)

«Applied graphics systems» (Oleinikova A.V.)

«Database Design» (Radko T.I.)

«Design of Intelligent Systems» (Yavorsky V.V., Shakirova Yu.K.)

«Information systems» (Tomilova N.I.)

«Software Engineering» (Tomilova N.I.)

«Re-engineering of business systems» (Solodovnikova I.V.)

«Distributed Information Systems» (Solodovnikova I.V.)

«Network Technology» (Radko T.I.)

«Database systems» (Radko T.I.)

«System Programming» (Sadanova B.M.)

«Modern means and methods of software development» (Solodovnikova I.V.)

«Structure and methods of data» (Bogushevskaya A.A.)

«Personnel management system» (Pak E.V., Radko T.I.)

«Circuitry» (Trikov V.V.)

“Probability theory and mathematical statistics” (Kogai G.D.)

«Programming Technology» (Tomilova N.I., Popov S.N.)

«Quality control» (Salmov V.N.)

“Project Management” (Radko T.I., Pak E.V., Syzdykova Z.A.)

“Electronic commerce” ( Savchenko N.K.)