Educational Work

Planned schedule of curator hours

The plan of curator, educational work of FEAT for 2017-2018 academic year

List of activists of Institute Union Bureau in FEAT

Schedule of FEAT supervisory hours for  academic year 2017-2018

Schedule of master classes curator hours holding of   FEAT on 201-2017 academic years

The watch schedule  of the faculty of FEAT in hostels of KSTU


In DET in 46 academic groups 770 students are trained. Educational work is carried out by the curator assigned to each group. In all groups curator hours according to made by the curator of group at the beginning of a semester to the plan of curator hours and the model of patriotic education accepted in KSTU are weekly spent. At each curator unplanned work with students, namely conversations about offenses, about observance of regulations, about harm of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction, about AIDS prevention, about advantage of a healthy lifestyle also is conducted, prevention of religious extremism is carried out.

At institute of telecommunication, power and automatic equipment master classes of curator hours are regularly carried out.

In DET groups active work with parents of students through the post ZIMBRA program introduced in KSTU is conducted. Parents of students actively receive reports on curators on study of the children and are completely informed on life, both institute, and university as a whole. With the students who are systematically skipping classes, and also their parents, individual preventive work by means of telecommunication, personal meeting is carried out, the invitation to meetings of chairs where similar cases are in detail considered and to such students measures of disciplinary punishment (apply reprimands, strict remarks, preventions).

The close attention in DET  is given to the students living in hostels of KSTU and MGTU. Curators, whose students live in hostels, are on duty in them according to the schedule made in addition (for example in holidays on “Independence Day” celebration, “on March 8”, «on March 22 – Nauryz» the director, the deputy director and curators of institute were on duty according to the made schedule in hostels of KARGTU and MGTU).

Students of DET are active members of the Trade union of students of KSTU “Zhas Orda” which forces organize and hold various events both in DET, and on the scale of KSTU.

The great attention is given to cultural leisure and esthetic education of students. Students of DET for 2011-12 study year took part as the audience, and participants and organizers in various actions: DET CFR team took the 2nd place in inter institute game to the devoted 20th lithium of Independence of RK, participation in competition of “Ms. KSTU”, competition of talents among students of 1 course DET, sports competitions (the 4th command place on the football, the 1st command place on basketball among girls, the 3rd command place by table tennis and the general 2nd place in a student’s sports contest, the 3rd place in tournament on mini-football on «ASK Cup KSTU»), intellectual competitions (the 3rd place for a victory in a quiz «Force of mind»), participate in work of circles KDM, at conferences, community work days, theaters, cinemas and concert halls, opening of monuments, fountains and other objects (Visit an ice palace, a monument to Kasym Amanzholov, Kazybekbi, K.I.Satpayev etc.).

Students together with activists of DET took part in various actions:

1. RC school No. 5 educational and informative exhibition. On October 25 and 26, 2011 within the actions devoted to the 20 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the resource center of high comprehensive school No. 5 the educational and informative exhibition reflecting history of development of sovereign Kazakhstan, achievement of the country in the field of science and education, industrial and innovative and intellectual potential of the Karaganda region in which students of KSTU took part is carried out. The department of Telecommunications and Energy was represented by Nurakhmet Aikhan the student of group HE-09-2.

2. A master class for activists of DET.

“Team building”

The master class took place 21.02.12 in the 4th case of KSTU which brought together about 12 activists of department of Energy and Telecommunications  equipment. This training was directed what to create operative teams, to rally activists DET for the purpose of more effective organization of management and working capacity increase, and as collective unity for the purpose of improvement and increase of information streams. The master class was carried out by Balmakayev Sayat.

3. City archive – the round table devoted to memory of Saginova Abylkasa Saginovich. This round table passed on November 10 2011г. in city archive of Karaganda. Transfer of archive of documents of Saginov A.S. was made., performance of close relatives, friends, colleagues. The department of Telecommunications and Energy  was represented by Nurakhmet Alikhan the student of group HE-09-2.

4. Participation in a youth festival “Art Battle”

On November 16 the youth festival “Art Battle” which at 16:00 took place took place in MK “Zhastaralem”, the student participated in a festival гр. AaM-10-1 Ilyasov Ersain.

5. Intellectual and sports game “Force of mind”

Intellectually – sports game under the name “Force of mind” passed in Sport complex KSTU 28.11.2011.

Students activists of a trade-union bureau Of were organizers of this game. Activists DET and IE showed one of the best results and by right took 1 place among all institutes of KSTU. From department of Telecommunications and Energy were involved Amangeldiyev Dos student of group RET-11-2 and Koshzhan Erkebulan student of group RET-11-2.

6. Intellectual game «Leader of 21 eyelids»

Intellectual game «Leader of 21 eyelids» took place in the 2nd case of KSTU of 08.02.2012. The Mining Institute was organizers of this action. In the Kazakh league the 1st place was occupied by the student of group AaM-11-2 Mukumova Asyltas. In Russian league the 1st place was occupied by the student of group AaM-11-3 Efitorov Artem.

7. “Flashmob” devoted to the 20 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From department of Energy and Telecommunications  more than 50 students took part.

8 Intellectual game “Triyedinstvo”.

Intellectual game – “Triyedinstvo” took place in the Main case of KSTU 03.12.2011г.

This game passed in the 3rd languages (Kazakh, Russian and English), From department of Telecommunications and Energy   the student of group of AaM-11-2 Zhakan Zhannur which won first place participated.

9. On February 10-11 for “Zhas orda’s members” of KSTU there passed exit school in Temirtau. On exit school activists passed seminars, trainings, found new friends. From Institute of Telecommunications of Energy and Automatic took part students Zhakan Zhannur. AaM-11-2, Kazakanova Zhibek AaM-11-2, Shakhmetova Anara AaM-11-4, Ilyasov Ersainst AaM-10-1, Muratov Bekkeldi PE-10-1, Hasen Togzhan  RET-11-2.

10. Carrying out sociological poll of students of KSTU: «Problems of students at university». 200 students participated in poll DET.

11. Participation in conferences «Youth the future of Kazakhstan» passing 22.02.2012y. in YC “Zhastaralem”. Student of group  RET-10-3 Makhmutov Sabina. was the speaker from Institute of Telecommunications of Energy and Automatic.

12. The organization intellectual the entertaining game “Crocodile” passing 28.02.2012г. In actions 8 institutes on 4 people participated in team. 1-place was occupied by students DET. 2-place was occupied by students of IE. 3-place was occupied by students of MTI. Students of group  AaM-11-2 Muftiyeva Zhanara, and  RET-10-3 Karashin Saken were organizers.

13. The organization of the sports game “Bowling” together with TDI passing 13.03.2012y. in bowling the Armand center were organizers students from DTE Karashin Saken. RET-10-3, Shakhmetova Anara  AaM-11-4, Seksenbayeva Zhuldyz  AaM-11-4. At action 8 institutes on 6 people participated in team. The institute of Telecommunications of Energy and Automatic represented: Zhakan Zhannur AaM-11-2, Makhmutova Sabina  RET-10-3, Bazhibayeva Aygerim  RET-10-3, Nurkeshov Miras AaM-11-1, Zhumabek Madiyar RET-11-1, Zhunisbeknur Daulet AaM-11-1.

14. Participation in the competition “Bayrsaparty”, Nauryz devoted by a holiday. Passing 19.03.2012у in  Politekhnik cafe. Tradition of the Kazakh people from ITEA  represented: AaM-11-2 Zhakan Zhannur,  AaM-11-2 Kazakanova Zhibek, RET-11-1 Dildakhanova Aray, RET-11-1 Abdiyeva Akzhan, AaM-11-1 Kospan Tleuzhan also took 1 place among all institutes.

15. Participation in national games the Nauryz devoted by a holiday. 20.03.2012y. in sport center of KSTU passed competition among institutes of KSTU on national games. Students DTE took prizes: Koshzhan Erkebulan of the RET-11-2, Amangeldiyev Dos RET-11-2 took the 2nd place in the game “Audaryspak”. Makhvay Vladimir AaM-11-4 took the 3rd place in weight raisings. Hasentogzhan of the RET-11-2, Nursenov Gaziz of the AaM-11-2 borrowed 3-rd place in the game “Kyzkuu”.