Educational work

Department of «The technology of communication systems»

Educational work at the department “Technology and communication system” is held for the preparation of not only the specialist in the field of Telecommunications. Each graduate must be a patriot of his homeland, his university, the institute and the department, to show love for their country, to give the greatest respect for its history and culture, faith in their own forces and society.

Student elite specialty Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

Schedule curatorial hours for the autumn semester 2019-2020 of this year

The schedule of curator hours for the fall semester 2018-2019 academic year

Schedule of master classes supervisory hours

Cleaning schedule in a hostel KSTU

Duty schedule of the staff of the department of the CST in the hostel №1 for the period from January 3rd to May 31th, 2019



Head Department of CTS 
___________ A.D. Mehtiyev
September 01, 2018

educational work of the Department of TSS
for the 2018-2019 school year



Deadlines Responsibles
1.      Approval of the composition of the curators of the department for 2017-2018. August  

Head of the Department, senior curator

2.      Acquaintance with first-year students, choice of group assets, filling in the forms of a first-year student 1st of September Head of the Department, curators  of 1st courses
3.      Acquaintance of students with the Charter of the university, the Internal Regulations, the Code of Honor of the student, for those living in a dormitory – with the Rules of Conduct in a dormitory. Acquaintance of students with the location of buildings and services (Reference Guide), with the daily routine and schedule of classes. Acquaintance of students with the Model of patriotic education and the work plan of the curator for the fall semester of the 2018-2019 class. of the year. September Head of the Department, senior curator, curators
4.      Acquaintance of students with the schedule of work of student circles in the CDM, trade union, “Akniet” September Curators
5.      Conversations with students about the principle of zero tolerance for disorder September Senior curator, curators
6.      Analysis of performance on the results of certification 8 and 15 weeks Head of the Department,  curators
7.      Excursion to the Museum of KarSTU “My University – the University of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (in the framework of the project “Tugan Zher”.) October  Curators  of 1st courses
8.      Organization of student participation in the international IT-Planet 2018/19 Olympiad November-May Senior curator
9.      Duty of the faculty in the hostels of KSTU According to the schedule of the dean’s office Professorial teaching staff
10.   Student participation in World AIDS Day December Curators, students
11.   Independence Day – the basis of democracy in Kazakhstan (December 16) December Curators
12.   Preparing for the session (rules for examinations, appeals, the action “Clean Session”, etc.) December, May Head of the Department,  curators
13.   Summing up the winter and summer session January, June Head of the Department,  curators
14.   Quiz on the theme of the ideas of the program  «Rukhani zhangyru»  February Senior curator, curators of РЭТ-16-2 and РЭТ-17-3
15.   March 8 – International Women’s Day March Senior curator, curators
16.   Spring Festival – Nauryz. History of origin, traditions, rituals March Senior curator, curators
17.   Unity Day of the Peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan – our strength in unity and harmony May Curators
18.   Defender of the Fatherland Day in the Republic of Kazakhstan May Curators
19.   “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten” – Victory Day May Curators, students
20.    International Day for Tobacco Smoking May Curators
21.   Day of the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan – coat of arms, anthem flag June Curators
22.   Individual work with students, parents, relatives During a year Curators
23.   Participation of students in the improvement of the territory of the city and the university During a year Head of the Department, senior curator, curators
24.   Analysis of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan During a year Curators
25.   Sending letters to students’ parents by E-mail, phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, etc. with the presentation of specific results in this activity During a year Curators
26.   The educational work of curators with students living in a dormitory Every week Curators
27.   Participation of students and teaching staff in actions, parades, processions in the scale of the city, university, RK By schedule Deputy Dean for educational work, senior curator, curators
28.   Carrying out curatorial hours as part of the implementation of the educational policy “Formation of a new Kazakhstani patriotism” During the year, according to the plans and in accordance with the schedules Curators, students
29.   Conducting educational and explanatory work and collecting explanatory from students skipping classes By facts Head of the Department,  curators
30.   Collection of materials for filling the page of the Department of TSS on the website of KSTU During the year Responsible of the department for the site, the head of the department, curators groups