Educational work 2015-2016 years

On May 12-13, 2016 Department of Russian and Foreign Languages ​​held video competition for developing a sense of patriotism and love for their country, increasing informational culture of society, broadening outlook, develop aesthetic taste and creative approach to solving problems.

The participants of this competition were teachers of the faculty and students of the university. Each participant (student group) had the opportunity to set out one or two videos. The competition provided videos taken by any available means, relevant to the theme of the competition.

Videos were evaluated on the following criteria:

Maximum movie length – 5-7 minutes.
Compliance of video to the theme of the competition .
The presence of sound and visual effects.
Image and sound quality.
Creative novelty.

Contest winners are:
Russian language section:
1st place – senior teacher A.A. Akynzhanova, gr. ГПР-15-1;
2nd place – senior teacher T.V. Timohina gr. МЕТ-15-1p;
3rd place – senior teacher N.A. Kasenova, gr. C-14-1.

Foreign language section:
1st place – teacher G.M. Magauina, gr. РЭТ-15-2;
2nd place – teacher A.S. Izotova, gr. УиА-15-2;
3rd place – teacher  M.T. Tulegenova, gr. АРХ-15-1.

Particularly noted the works of the following groups: gr. ЭЭ-15-2p. teacher M.G. Nazarova, gr. ПО-13-1 teacher N.A. Kasenova, gr. ХТОВ-14-2 teacher N.A. Svich, teacher S.H. Alken, gr. БТ-14-3 teacher E.A. Zhdanova.

On 03.05.2016 at 17.00 in the group of АРХ-13-2 teacher of the department of Russian and Foriegn languages M.G. Nazarova taught curatorial workshop to the topic “The legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation of family – marriage relations”

The aim of curatorial workshop was the knowledge of the role of men and women in the family, the application of these to their roles; the ability to analyze situations in life and do the right conclusions; instilling valuable relation to the concepts of “family”, “marriage”, as well as introduce students to the legal framework of family relations, to open the procedure and conditions of marriage and divorce, the rights and responsibilities of spouses, parents and children in family. The master class was attended by the chairman of the Boards of curators N.A. Smagulova, deputy dean for educatioanal work of the faculty Zh.T. Musayev, senior curator of the department B.K. Tungushbaeva, the curators of Russian and Foriegn languages department A.S. Tusupbekov, S.A. Baymamyrov, G.P. Mukasheva,  N.E. Nesipbaeva. Then the curator has led the statistics of divorce and marriage in the country.

IMG-20160229-WA0021    IMG-20160229-WA0024

Especially students performed with interest a creative task, where the interactive whiteboard was derived square “Relatives” by reading the words vertically, horizontally and diagonally, students should find the names of 18 relatives which were hidden in the square, and also students were given the task to supplement with their own words seven rules of the American expert in the field of human relations, the author of the book “How to stop worrying and start living” by D. Carnegie.

Reading and discussing the parable of the family was the reflection. Curator’s hour was held at a high level, there noted the interests of students to the subject of master-class, students expressed their views.

Summing up, curator of the group shared “A recipe for family happiness” with students and with all people, who attended the master-class.

On April 20, 2016 teacher of the Department of Russian and Foreign Languages R.M. ​​Aldynazarova and students of the 1-2 course was held a discussion forum during the International seminar for university professors and teachers of schools and colleges, where they discussed issues of international legal experience of our and foreign countries in combating terrorism and extremism, problems of implementation of multilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan and issues of moral education.

The main goal is the development of cultural and aesthetic education, prevention of religious extremism, enhancing religious literacy of students.

IMG_0758    IMG_0727

IMG_0745    IMG_0777

The event was held in discussion format, where students made presentations and asked each other questions.
The event was attended by teachers of the department and teachers from other regions of Kazakhstan, who came to the seminar.

On 17.03.2016 at 17.00 the teachers of the dapartment of Russian and Foriegn languages organized a festive event dedicated to “Nauryz”, which was attended by students of 1st year, enrolled in the program “Serpіn”. Responsible for the organization of this event were the teachers of the Russian and Foreign languages department B.K. Tungushbaeva and M.G. Nazarova.

IMG-20160117-WA0041    IMG-20160317-WA0040    IMG-20160317-WA0055

The purpose of the event was to bring together people of different nationalities, to develop students’ interest to national traditions and customs of Kazakhstan people, to cultivate love for the motherland. There were felt holiday spirit: and, first of all, registration of the audience in the spirit of national atmosphere. In this event there was a table fulled with local food: Nauryz-kozhe, baursaks, pancakes, rice and various spices.

IMG-20160317-WA0054    IMG-20160317-WA0048    IMG-20160117-WA0047

Guests of this holiday watched a few fragments of the wonderful traditions and scenes, which reflected the life and customs of Kazakh people. There were songs and poems in Kazakh and Russian languages, Kazakh dance “Kamazhay” performed by girls of gr. ФИЭМ-15-2. The event was accompanied by a display of presentations with traditions and customs of our people.

On February 19, 2016 at KSTU the department of Russian and Foreign languages held inter-faculty linguistic round table on the theme “Healthy Lifestyle”, which was attended by students of 1st year, enrolled in the program “Serpіn-2050.” This event was organized by teachers B.S. Tishmaganbetova and G.M. Magauina.

DSC_3981     DSC_3980

This event lead by teachers A.S. Izotova and K.K. Sagadieva. The event was attended by 50 students of Mining and Mechanical Engineering Faculty, and also there were invited guests: the head of the center “Serpіn-2050” of KSTU – Sh. Zhetpisbayeva, senior teacher of the department of Russian and Foreign languages A.E. Zhumabekova, teacher N.D. Abzhamalova.

The round table was held entirely in English.

Opening of the club began with the anthem of Kazakhstan, and after the teachers told the students about the importance of the event “Healthy Lifestyle”, featuring slides and simultaneously clarifying information.

DSC_3959     DSC_3954

Quoting the words of the president, leading said that the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev put high hopes on students enrolled on the program “Serpіn” that they will be competitive leaders of the nation and how unique this program is. It was also said that the president said about healthy lifestyle and the responsibility for their own health and considers them to be the main priority of the state policy. Health of the nation – is the foundation of a successful future!

DSC_3967    DSC_3972     DSC_3970

Then students were given the tasks to the topic “A healthy diet and harmful products”. Students were very active and quickly cope with the task. Students used their own store of knowledge, erudition, wit and logic answering the questions.

DSC_3991    DSC_4004    DSC_4008

The 1 st year students of group ОПИ-15-1 Aydar Aigerim, Amangeldieva Ulmeken, Askar Nurbike, Abdieva Akbota, Zheterbay Nursulu, Meymanova Botagoz produced excellent and interesting presentation, and also performed the dance “Kara zhorga”. Students of group МВ-15-1 Tіleubay Asem, Korganbaeva Laura, Martha Makezhanova, Kubigulova Albina also made presentations on the theme “A healthy diet and lifestyle”. Students in the three groups were drawing posters on the theme of “Healthy Lifestyles” and defended them in English.

Presenters and guests of the event thanked the students for their active participation in the discussion of the round table and finally the students were presented the gifts and certificates.

DSC_4018    DSC_4016    DSC_4025

Head of the center “Serpіn-2050” of KSTU – Sh. Zhetpisbayeva, senior teacher of the department of Russian and Foreign languages A.E. Zhumabekova said that the holding such kind of round tables makes possible to consolidate the knowledge of English language, reveal the most talented, knowledgeable guys.

After the event, the two groups were awarded with certificates.

On February 12, 2016 the department of Russian and Foreign languages held the linguistic game between faculties in the form of brain-ring on the theme “My language – my friend”, which was attended by students of 1st year, enrolled in the program “Serpіn”. The organizers of this event were A.S. Tusupbekov, A.B. Kabanova. The aim of the educational event was to strengthen existing knowledge of students, to develop logical thinking, to develop attention, the ability to work in a team.

The jury consisted of: the head of the center “Serpіn-2050” of KSTU – Sh.A. Zhetpisbayeva, deputy chairman of students union of KSTU “Zhas Orda” – A. Muradov, assistant professor of Russian and Foreign languages department L.A. Tchuikina, teacher of Russian and Foreign languages department S.M. Tazhibaeva.

Жюри брейн-ринга         ГФ

Brain-ring game attended by the students of five faculties: ГФ, МФ, АСФ, ТДФ, ФАЭТ. Each team involved six participants. Participants of brain-ring were asked a simple questions, checking the reproductive level of knowledge, and more complex, requiring a savvy, logical thinking and creativity. All teams were active and resourceful. Brain-Ring was not wearing just game character, but also had a cognitive sense. They were very active fans. The atmosphere was friendly and easy. The participants showed a cohesive team, ingenuity, mutualality.
The event was educational in nature, in which each participant learned something new.
The following teams were the winners:
1st place – Mining Faculty,
2nd place – Mechanical Engineering Faculty,
3rd place – Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty.

МФ         ФАЭТ

Team winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes. We sincerely congratulate the winners and participants of the brain-ring, and wish them further success and victories.

On November 17, 2015 teachers of the department organized a debate on the topic “Is it easy to be a student?” dedicated to the International Day of students, which was held in the “intellectual” student club. In this debate took part the teachers of department and students enrolled in the program “Serpіn”.

IMG_7803        IMG_7812

Students were happy to share their first impressions of a student’s life, they spoke about the difficulties which they encountered in the early days at university: adaptation to a new environment, the difficulties associated with the need to own cook dinner, buy food, navigate in a strange city, etc. But more impressions were positive: so many new friends, interesting subjects, new teachers, new knowledge.

IMG_7811        IMG_7809

Summing up the debate, all the participants agreed that student life is totally depends on the students themselves: the ability to properly allocate their time commitment to the production of new knowledge, as well as being a student today is difficult and easy, but clearly is very interesting.

To devote to the walfare of our country among youth the teachers of the department A.B. Kabanova, S.M. Tazhibaeva, A.Y. Kishenovoy and students held round table on the theme: “The role of youth of Kazakhstan in the implementation of the plan of the nation – “100 concrete steps – implementation of the strategic course of development of Kazakhstan”.

IMG_1       IMG_2

On October 23, 2015 more than 100 students and professors of KSTU, including the Department of RYaiK took an active part in the citywide clean-up activity. Students and staff cleared the area of educational building number 6 of debris, dirt and snow.

image-28-10-15-18-14-1         image-28-10-15-18-14

22.09.2015 at KSTU in the Palace of Youth “Zhastar alemi” was held a festive event devoted to the celebration of the Languages Day “We are the people of Kazakhstan” among the students of the 1 course.

DSC_4087 DSC_4132

The main purpose of this holiday was instilling students interest in knowledge of the state language, the formation of patriotism through the study of the cultural heritage of the nation. The celebration began with a solemn performance of the anthem of Kazakhstan. The students were accompanied by the curators of the academic groups and teachers of subjects. The students of group БТ-15-3 Nurmaganbetova Aitolkyn, Saginbekova Maral, Halimardenova Asel, Askarov Asia, Madina Takesheva and the students of group ФИЭМ-15-3 Toleukhan Temirlan and Shohan Aktolkyn particularly distinguished themselves with their performances.

DSC_4172     DSC_4279

The 1st year students of the group ФИЭМ prepared a wall newspaper “We are people of Kazakhstan”. Organizers of this event were the teachers of the Department Russian Language and Culture in collaboration with the Department of the Kazakh language and culture.