Educational work 2013-2014 years

The students of the IAB organized a competition of three languages’ knowledge on the 20-th of September in 2013. There is Russian, Kazakh and English. Teacher of the Department Gaynutdinova G.F.was invited to membership of the jury. Students from different educational institutions of the city were invited to participate in this contest: Buketov KSU, KarMU, KU “Bolashak”, KSTU (2 teams of ICTSE and 1 team of IAB), and students of the school for gifted children ” Murager “. Students and pupils took part in the following rounds of the competition: «video greeting », «Missing Word», «Oyly bolsan, Ozyp kor»,   in the competition of captains. the team of school ” Murager ” had the lead in the competition, all other participants were awarded with certificates and letters of appreciation . This exciting competition allowed the students to express themselves as organizers, to show solidarity, team work , and to show a good knowledge of languages.

Students of  Met -13 -2 , PMT – 13-3 , IM- 13-1 , TT- 13-1 , A&C -13-1 were invited to the concert dedicated to the Day of the languages ​​of Kazakhstan at the SeifullinPalace on the 20-th of September in 2013. All organizers and participants were very pleased with seeing and hearing.

Festive event of the Day of languages went in «Zhastar alemi» Palace on the 17-th of September in 2013 ​​. Participants and spectators were 1st year students of the Mining Engineering Institute, ICTSE.

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The audience involved in the competition of knowledge of proverbs and sayings in Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​. Colorful dances was presented in the concert program: East, Georgian, Uzbek. There were songs in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The audience rewarded the participants with thunderous applause. Prizes were given to all participants and organizers of the celebration.

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Regional Olympiad “Tildaryn – 2013” was held on the 11-th of September in 2013. Head of the Department of Russian Language and Culture, Associate Professor Ospanova B.R. was invited to the jury. The Olympiad was held among the employees of public and private establishments and professionals of educational establishments, it was organized by the Office of languages ​​Karaganda region. Young people from 18 to 30 years took part in the competition . The objectives of the Olympiad are the implementation of the language policy of The Kazakhstan, detection and supporting of talented young people, who now Kazakh, Russian and English languages​​, the development of cultural relations of language, education of the individual, who know a lot of languages​, the strengthening of Kazakhstan patriotism, respect of the language and culture of other nations , stimulation of interest to the mastery of languages​​, education of versatile developed and competitive personality .

Olympiad was held in three rounds. The first was knowledge of the Kazakh language. The second was knowledge of the Russian language. The third was knowledge of English language.

Olympiad participants performed the following tasks in Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​: presentation for the given topic, writing essay, a press conference, simultaneous translation of the text.

There is allowed the level of language, spelling and proper pronunciation, response quality, richness, and originality of answer in summing up the Olympics.

The participants of the Olympiad were awarded with certificates and letters of appreciation and special prizes. The winner of the contest will take part in the Republican competition.


September 7, 2013 Karaganda oblast’s akimat with the Department of Sport was organized the Health Day , where students took an part of the Arch- 13 -4 of the IAB of Karaganda State Technical University. The event was held at the stadium “Shahter”. The agenda of the health day was intense: first, workers of akimat said a congratulatory speech and plan of events , musical warm-up, which has been presented in different styles and genres – sports exercises , Latin music , techno , etc., during which all people repeated movements of speakers on the stage. Then competitions were organized, where everyone participated, the winners were awarded symbolic prizes. After that, the participants were thanked for active participation in the events of the health day and future stick of a healthy lifestyle.


On May 22 the Day of Slavic Writing event was held city-wide, which was attended by lecturer of Russian Language and Culture Department Aldynazarova Raihan Makuovna and first-year students. Students Esmagambetov S., Nurasambay E., E. Turlygazhy received certificates for participating in the event.

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On April 4, 2013 the second round of Internet competition was held. For the second round of the teachers of Russian Language and Culture department prepared the test material, which consisted of two variants with 25 questions. 10 pupils took place in the 2nd round.
According to the results of stages 1 and 2 winners of the Olympic Games on the Internet Russian language of  Karaganda and  Karaganda region were the following students:
• 1st place – Zhaysanova Kamila, Balkhash, school number 15
• 2nd place – Orazbai Agybay, Karkaraly region school number 4
– Mukasheva Asel, Karaganda city, school number 101
• 3rd place – Serikbay Ayauly, Balkhash, school  number 15
– Shyntas Akerke, Zhezdy village, boarding -school
– Chekletsova Oksanа, Karaganda сity, school  number 74

September 20, 2012 the event was held “Day of Indigenous Languages of Kazakhstan” in Zhastar Alem. Competitions were held in the knowledge of languages, presented slides, songs and dances, poetries  in several languages.

Department of Russian Language and Culture is holding a contest for the best knowledge of the Russian language among students with state language education.

  • First round – an essay contest. Will be held April 17, 2012 (Room 501, 504)
  • Second round – public speaking. Will be held April 19, 2012 (Room 501)


of the contest for the best knowledge of Russian language

«XXI century: The future begins today»

1. The purpose and direction of the contest:

1.1. The purpose of the contest on the Russian language and culture of the speech is:

1) Increasing students’ interest in the Russian language and skills of speech;

2) Checking the quality of knowledge of standards of the Russian literary language, received in the learning process at the university;

3) Assessment of the level of skills of practical use of the functional style of speech;

4) Assessment of the level of possession of the basic methods and techniques of the various types of oral and written communication in the Russian language;

5) Identification of gifted students which are capable of further research activity.

1.2. The main directions: 1) the literary norm (grammatical and ungrammatical norms), 2) communication skills of speech, 3) verbal etiquette, 4) the basis of functional stylistics (the norms and features of functional styles), 5) the types of speech activity, 6) foundations of the theory of communication; 7) the rhetoric.

2. Organization and conditions of the contest on the best knowledge of the Russian language:

2.1. The contest for the best knowledge of Russian language includes three rounds:

1) The computer testing;

2) Written round (essay);

3) An oral round (public speaking).

2.2. In the qualifying round of the contest for the best knowledge of Russian language first year students of all specialties with the state language of education take part in it.

2.3. Assignments for the contest are developed and compiled by organizing committee of the contest (teaching staff of Russian Language and Culture Department of KSTU), taking into account the amount of knowledge and skills imposed for students in studying Russian language course.

2.4. In the second round of the contest students who scored maximum points on the results of computer-based testing are involved.

2.5. In the third round students who scored maximum points on the results of second round are involved.

2.6. The jury consists of teachers of Russian language and teachers invited by organizing committee from the Department of SHD and the Department of Foreign Languages.

2.7. The Appeals Commission consists of members of the jury and the organizing committee of the contest. The Appeal Commission considers only complaints of participants to assess their personal work.

2.8. The responsibility for holding of the contest is assigned to organizing committee.


It is carried out the preparation of student from group MET-11-1 Dakarimov S. for competition of experts in Russian literature “Language – all the key knowledge”, which holds Regional office for the development of languages of ​​Karaganda oblast.

Within the framework of  II stage of professional orientation work from 14 to 28 November, an Internet-essay contest is on the theme “I am in the world of professions.” At the department was created the list of jury to test sent works as follows:

  • Ismakova BS – Associate Professor of Russian language and Culture;
  • Tchouikina LA – Associate Professor of Russian language and Culture;
  • Tanabaeva AM – Associate Professor of Russian language and Culture;
  • Aldynazarova RM – senior teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Timokhina TV – senior teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Akynzhanova AA – senior teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Kasenova NA – senior teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Baymuldina BM – teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Tokmagambetova DC – teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Kishenova AJ – teacher Russian language and Culture;
  • Tungushbaeva BK – teacher Russian language and Culture.

This year on September, 22 under the auspices of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the RK Department of “Russian language and culture of speech” has prepared and held in the palace of the students’ “Zhastar alemi” festival of languages “In friendly family under the sky of Kazakhstan”.  The event was attended by students of 1st year groups of national language learning. The festival was made up of several “blocks”, each represented some nationality: Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Georgian, Korean. Akhmetova Zhuldyz, Sariyeva Botagoz (gr.EE-11-1) and Kapataev Medet (gr.Mash-11-2) were leading festival.

Students Dalikulova Zhansaya (gr.Mash-11-2) and Darigulova Botagoz (PO-11-2) read copyright poetry of their native language, but students from gr.IE-11-1 Nikamberly Ramazan performed Kazakh dance “Қara zhorga” and Rahmetolla Azamat sang “Kazakh Eli”. There were traditional dances: F. Smagulova gr. PO-11-2 performed Uzbek dance, Ukrainian dance performed by G. Myrzakanova, Ginayat E. and A. Malybay gr. PO-11-2 performed a Georgian dance.

Students have shown good command of Russian as well as their mother tongue, know and respect the cultures and languages ​​of all peoples living in the Republic of Kazakhstan.