Educational work

Department «Engineering entrepreneurship and marketing»

The department implements developed at the University unique model of patriotic education by the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev. With the active participation of students held: curator hours on a variety of topics: “Fundamentals imageology the example of the First President,” “The situation analysis and forecast of the consequences,” based on a meeting with Akim of Karaganda region, etc.

Students of the department are actively involved in organizing and holding the holiday, social and sporting events at the University and the city: “Nauryz”, “Teacher’s Day”, “Best Group of the University”, “Best ice figure” (with awarding of prizes).

PLAN educator work departments are the “Engineering enterprise and marketing” there is a school year on 2018-2019

LISTS curators of the academic groups “Engineering Business and Marketing” departments for 2018-2019 year, autumn semester

List curators of the department