Educational work of the department of «Construction materials and technology»


Educational work on the department of “Building materials and technology” is conducted according to the work plan, compiled on the basis of the Patriotic Education Model. Almost all of the teaching staff at the department of “Building materials and technology” are curators of academic specialty groups.

According to the work plans of supervisors there are used following forms and methods of educational work: lectures, conversations, hours with supervisor, meetings of group, excursions, discussions, participation in scientific conferences, competitions of stands, etc. Work of supervisors is discussed at the department of “Building materials and technology” meetings (Minutes of Meetings of the Chair). The basic information support for the educational process is standards acts of the RK and the periodic literature in the University library.

Students together with teachers take an active part in all the events held at the University and Institute (“Week of health”, “Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Independence Day”, New Year’s holidays, “Valentine’s day”, “International women’s day”, “Holiday of Nauryz”, “Holiday of the Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan”, «Day of the Fatherland Defenders”, “Victory Day”). In addition to the planned questions, the current curriculum and attendance of students are constantly discussed in the curatorial hours, faculty conferences are held on the results of the sessions..

Students participate in cleaning of the territory allotted to the department of “Building materials and technology”, the current repair and preparation of the auditor fund for the academic year. The cultural, legal, patriotic, informational support of the upbringing process and upbringing is reflected in the holding of the actions “Speak in the state language – our civic duty”, “We are against smoking”, in information surveys held in reading rooms and libraries, in meetings with law enforcement officers , In the months for the prevention of crime and the prevention of AIDS, in general university sports days, on special curatorial hours on the topic “About a healthy lifestyle”, “Civil position”, KVN, in the design of stands for patriotic education.

Students participate in sports specialty, public scientific activities.

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