Educational work

To educate students is to diversify the personality of the future specialist with higher education, which has high culture, intelligence, social activities, the nature of the citizen-patriot. The main task is to create conditions for the active life of the students, their self-determination and self-realization, to meet the demand of intellectual, cultural and moral development.
Actual problems of educational activity:

  • The formation of personal qualities, which are necessary for effective professional activity;
  • Formation of the citizenship and patriotic awareness, legal and political culture;
  • Development of relations in the teaching environment for students as subjects of their own development;
  • Development of moral qualities, intelligence;
  • Formation of the skills of team management in various forms of student self-government;
  • Preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural traditions of the university and the faculty.

Curator hours schedule

Schedule of the open curator hours

Calendar plan of curator hours – 1-4 year of study

Schedule of the character building work (2016-17 academic year) (on approval)

Schedule of  supervisor’s lessons master classes (on approval)

Active students of the department



Students and teaching staff of the department participate in events , which have social-cultural significance of university, city and regional level.


Health day – G&K group


Visit of KSTU museum by students of G&K group


Students of ME group at transparency forum


Participation in the theatrical performance (The day of the first president of Kazakhstan) – G&K12-3 group



Students at volunteer clean-up