Educational work


  • The Department successfully implemented a unique model of patriotic education of students as an example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The purpose of training students is familiarizing of students to work, the perception and respect for the work processes, as well as environmental issue.
  • Students sponsored groups are actively engaged in the Presidential Program of landscaping country “Zhasyl el”, which improvesthe environmental education and youth in Kazakhstan ecological recovery of the youth of Kazakhstan.

–         In order to aesthetic education of students and recreational activities in the department is constantly working : Protection of water basin from industrial emissions;
–          Environmental monitoring;
–         Wastewater treatment and others.
The department also actively participates in the inter departmental sports day of students and staff at volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Fourth year in a team Enactus KSTU.
Over the years, the team took 2nd and 3rd place among 40 universities in Kazakhstan.