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Our goals and objectives in the education sphere patriotically active student

Purpose: to create the conditions for the formation of professional and social competence, active citizenship students, foster a personal qualities of future specialists ready to new socio-economic conditions contribute to the development and strengthening of the Fatherland.

–        Engaging students in active citizenship and political life;

–        The formation of personality traits of highly qualified specialists;

–        Creation of a unified socio – cultural sphere;

–        formation of internal needs of the individual in a healthy lifestyle, with a responsible attitude to the natural and socio-cultural environment;

–        development of direct feedback between students, faculty, and the leadership of the University.



 физика олимпиада2017-1  физика олимпиада 2017- 2

Internet Olympiad among pupils of 11 classes of Karaganda and Karaganda oblast

(Karaganda 2017yr.)


 20160505_154857  20160505_160739

Creative meeting veteran of the department of physics and TSS  Kydyrgali Rarymuly


 Физика мастер класс 2  Физика мастер класс 3
 Физика мастер класс1  Физика мастер класс 4

Master class curatorial hour group RET -15-2 involved under the state program “Serpіn”