Dean’s CV


Taranov Alexander Victorovich

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction


 Contact information

Address: Karaganda, 56 Mira blvd, first building, office 208

Phone office: 8 (7212) 56-78-44 (add. 2006)


The graph of personal visits:  Thursday from 15:00 till 17:00

 Biographical data

Taranov Alexander Victorovich, born in 1976, nationality – Russian, high education, graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University in 1998 with a degree «Electricity of industry», the head of «Energy».

Taranov Alexander Victorovich works in the Karaganda State Technical University since August 1998 as an assistant of the department «Power and Electrical Engineering». In December 1998, was enrolled in postgraduate studies, specialty 05.05.06 «Mining machines». After completing postgraduate in 2001 he was appointed teacher of «Power and Electrical Engineering». In 2003, Taranov A.V. was adopted as a senior lecturer of «Power and Electrical Engineering» (from 26.09.2008 it was renamed in the department of “Energy”). In 2009, after successfully defending his doctoral dissertation, Taranov A. was accepted as an assistant professor of the department «Energy». During his time at the university proved to be competent, proactive and professional executive, combining educational and methodical work with education students. Taranov A.V.  actively engaged in scientific activities. Currently involved in the development of a new direction – mine and quarry  pneumatic hoists. Published regularly, participates in international and national conferences with presentations on innovative developments in the field of mining, lifting equipment and electric power. Published over 40 scientific and methodical work. According to the research received a patent.

He was the head of the research laboratory, the executor of state budget and economic-contractual work performed in Karaganda State Technical University, to improve the operation of the electromechanical and mining equipment for the mining industry.

Taranov A.V. takes an active part in public life of the university, is engaged in educational work among the students, imparting the latest standards of behavior and communication with others, the main points of the scientific outlook on the world, discusses the technical innovations in the field of the object being studied, and major events in the social life of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world.

Scientific works