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Conferences and publications abroad

December, 17-18

USA, Chicago I International Conference «Global Science and Innovation»

December 27-28

Germany, Munich

VI International Conference on the European Science and Technology

January 30

Canada, Westwood

IV “Science, Technology and Higher Education”

Conferences in Russia

December 29-30, RISC

Russia, Мscow

XII Scientific conference «Theory and practice of modern science»

December 26-27, RISC

Russia, Moscow

XV International conference «Theoretical and methodological problems of modern education»


December 25-26, RISC

Russia, Moscow

XVII Scientific conference «Modern problems of humanitarian and natural sciences»

December 27-28, RISC

Russia, Moscow

IX International conferences « Tendencies and prospects of development of modern scientific education»

December 23-24, RISC

Russia, Moscow

X International correspondence conference ‘ Theoretical and practical aspects of the development of modern science»

December 23-24

Russia, Moscow

XV International conference «Economics, sociology, law: new challenges and perspectives»

December 27-28, RISC

Russia, Moscow

IX International conference «Integration of science and practice as a mechanism of effective development of the modern society»

December 27, RSCI

Russia, Moscow

XIV International conference «Modern Philology: theory and practice»

December 30, RSCI

Russia, Moscow

XI International conference «Modern psychology: theory and practice »

December 30, RSCI

Russia, Moscow

XIII International correspondence conference «Problems and prospects of socio-economic reforms of the modern state and society»

December 24-25,RSCI

Russia, Moscow

IX International correspondence conference «Psychology and pedagogy in the system of humanitarian knowledge

December 30, RSCI

Russia, Moscow

VIII International correspondence conference «Politics and law in the socio-economic system of society»


November 30, RSCI

Russia, Moscow

Actual problems of the Humanities and Natural Sciences (scientific journal December №59, 2013)

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