Concert dedicated to the Day of the First President 30, November 2016.

30 November 2016, a festive concert dedicated to the Day of the First President was held from 16:00 to 19:00 at the Palace of Culture of Miners in Karaganda with the help of students of creative groups of the University. 600 students of our University attended the concert.

The following students took participation in the concert program:

  1. Rashid Nuray – «Tauelsiz elim»
  2. Nygyzhan Nurdaulet – «Kazak eli»
  3. Zheksenbayev Elaman – «Sway»
  4. Manap Ergali – «Tugan zher»
  5. Nakypbay Sayat – «Weapon»
  6. Kazhkarimov Aibek – «If you are with me»
  7. Kadyr Nurtugan– «Kustar ani»
  8. Rakhatayeva Aidana – «Nauayi»
  9. Akashev Elnur – «Newman Beats»
  10. Barlybayeva Indira – «Me too»

An article Creative symbiosis by Nina Kramer was published on 6.12.2016

Creative symbiosis

This year the traditional concert ‘Favorite songs of the President’ was decided to dilute with youth program in the Palace of Culture of Miners. The artists of the Palace teamed up with students of the University, where our Leader of the Nation studied. Students of KSTU and staff of PCM prepared 12 artistic performances.

But the concert was not consisted of songs only. There was a place for an elegant, captivating waltz and the fiery ‘Cha-cha-cha’. Sonorous ‘Bulbul’ was changed by rhythmic rap. The man’s beat-boxing performance was also included in the concert program. The concert was made up of patriotic songs in Kazakh language. But as the President pays much attention to those who are just starting their way in the independent state, the organizers tried to make the concert more interesting to the young audience. The participants of the concert sang about country, love, and own dreams.

– The First President’s day is a celebration with a political tinge, and so the events are in the form of round – tables, meetings, – Director of Palace Zhomart Abiltayev says – Last year we prepared a concert ‘Favorite songs of the President’, which was organized by own forces. Today we aim to tell young people about the President not only as a statesman, but also a good, sincere person. Therefore  we invited the students of KSTU. There is strong initiative at University. Perhaps we will sign a Memorandum on creative cooperation soon.

– We already cooperate with  S.Seifullin Kazakh drama theatre, K.Stanislavsky regional theater and Concert Association named after Kali Baizhanov, – the Chairman of Supervisors Council of KSTU Nurbibi Smagulova says. – An agreement with the palace of Culture of miners will be the fourth. Our students are happy to participate in the cultural life of the University and the city. There are 15 clubs under the department of youth policy of the University that allow students to express themselves not only in the classroom but also on stage. I think this experience will be useful for any modern specialist.

  1. An article Creative symbiosis by Nina Kramer was published on 6.12.2016