Concerning defence of doctoral thesis Shmidt-Fedotova Irina Mikhailovna

Defence of doctoral thesis in candidacy for a degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Shmidt-Fedotova Irina Mikhailovna on the theme: “Substantiation of technology for integrated development of coal-gas deposits on the basis of early degassing preparation”, majoring in 6D070700 “Mining” will be held in Karaganda State Technical University.

Thesis work has been made at the Deposits Development of Useful Minerals Department of Karaganda State Technical University.


  1. Khodzhayev Rustam Rivkatovich -, Doctor of Engineering, Director of “Geo-Mark Engineering Research Center” LLC – Karaganda.
  2. Kenzhin Bolat Mauletovich,- Doctor of Engineering, Director of “Karaganda Machine-Building Consortium” LLC – Karaganda.

Academic Advisers:

  1. Dridj Nikolay Alexandrovich,- Doctor of Engineering, Professor of Deposits Development of Useful Minerals Department – Karaganda, KarSTU.
  2. Kolikov Konstantin Sergeyevich– Doctor of Engineering, Professor, head of Mining Safety and Ecology Department of the “MISiS” National University of Science and Research in Moscow

Defence will be held on June 20, 2018, at 10.00 a.m. in Karaganda State Technical University at the address: 100027, Karaganda city, 56 Mira Blvd., Main building, classroom 212.