Competition of presentations among 1-year students “Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

On April 18, 2018, the annual contest of multimedia presentations in English “Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education in the Republic of Kazakhstan” was held in 428 audience of the 1st building of KSTU. The organizers and presenters were teachers of the Department “Foreign languages” of  KSTU Izotova Aigerim Serikovna and Aitkenova Aigerim Sayatovna under the direction of the head of the department, associate professor, Ph.D. Jantassova Damira Dulatovna. The main goals and objectives of the competition were:

– increase motivation to further study English and German languages and improve all types of speech activity;

– instilling interest to the study of the language, its features and interlingual relations, as well as the culture of the country;

– development of public speaking skills;

– development of students’ skills of working with competitive tasks as one of the stages of preparation for professional activity and independent work on the project;

“Multilingualism is the basis for the formation of a multicultural personality. Multilingual education is an absolute necessity, the imperative of the time, because the whole world is polyethic, polylinguistic. Multilingual education is a purposeful, organized triune process of education, upbringing and development of an individual as a poly-linguistic personality on the basis of simultaneous mastering of several languages as a “fragment” of different cultures of mankind. The content of multilingual education should include systematic knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of native and state languages, as well as in the field of one or more foreign languages in accordance with the intercultural paradigm of modern language education”- said the organizer of the competition, head of the Department “Foreign languages” KSTU, associate professor, Ph.D Jantassova Damira Dulatovna.

The competition consisted of 2 rounds: correspondence — students presented the preliminary summary of the presentations and their descriptions to the jury, as a result, 14 best students were selected out of 40. The full-time round of the competition provided the protection of creative projects by participants, a clear and precise argument of their point of view on a given topic.

Performances of students were assessed by: head of the Department, Associate Professor, Ph.D Jantassova D.D., English teacher, a U.S. Embassy representative, Master of Arts Ben Taylor, senior lecturer Toimbayeva B.M., senior lecturer Jumanova L.S., senior lecturer Kakulya Zh.M.

Also, the event was attended by teachers of the Department of Foreign languages and 1st year students of KSTU.

While the Contest Committee summed up the results, the students discussed the possible effective ways of multilingualism development in higher education institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The contest ended and names of the finalists are as follows:

  1. Abdurakhmanova Zhanel (FIT 17-2) under the direction of senior lecturer T.S. Udartseva
  2. Madiarova Balausa (BT 17-2) under the direction of senior lecturer Sagindykova A.S.
  3. Ilyassov Alisher (TT 17-2), Guldana Kozhakhmet (BT 17-1) under the direction of senior lecturer, Jumanova L.S.

The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.