Competition of national traditions and sports games “Áz Naýryz” was held at Karaganda State Technical University

The purpose of the event – formation of young people’s sense of patriotism and responsible citizenship, respect for cultural heritage, languages and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

The competition was attended by teams from all faculties, College of innovative technologies and dormitories.

On March 17, 2018 competitions on national kinds of sports, such as audaryspak, arkan tartys, beldesu, kir tasyn koteru were held in the sports Complex of KSTU.

The second stage of the competition took place on March 20 in the cafe “Polytechnic”.

At this round, each team represented the nations of Kazakhstan celebrating Nauryz: Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Tatars, Bashkirs, Afghans, Uighurs, etc.

Students had to tell us about the culture and traditions adapted for the stage, represent the nation and to prepare a festive meal, consisting of national dishes.

According to the results of the competition prize-winning places were taken by teams:

1st place-Transport and Road Faculty (Azerbaijanis) and dormitory “Armandastar Ordasy” (Afghans);

2 place – Faculty of Power Engineering, Automation and Telecommunications (Tatars) and dormitory “Serpindester Ordasy” (Bashkirs);

3rd place-Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Tajiks) and dormitory №1 (Uzbeks).

All teams were awarded with letters of appreciation, and the winners received prizes from sponsors – time-cafe “Necafe”, taxi “9th region”, water park “Dolphin” and cinema “Sary Arka cinema”.