Center of postgraduate training

MS’C postgraduate education
PHD postgraduate education
Academic mobility

Centre of post-graduate training is guided by Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in its work.

Documents, on the base of which Centre of post-graduate training organizes its activity:

Laws of the RK “About education”, “About science”, orders, resolutions, instructions of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; GOSO RK 5.04.033-2011 “Post-graduate education. Master course. Main regulations”; GOSO RK 5.04.034-2011 “Post-graduate education. Doctoral candidacy. Main regulations”; typical rules of holding current control of academic progress, transitional and final attestation of students in higher education institutions; List of accordance of PhD doctoral candidacy’s specialties, Specialties Classifier of higher and post-graduate education of the RK with Nomenclature of specialties of scientific staff, orders, instructions of the rector.

Main objects of the CPGT are:

-preparation of documents for getting license on opening master course and doctoral candidacy PhD;

-admission, account, organization of the academic activity of undergraduates and PhD students;

– contribution to promotion of preparation’s quality of the specialists and scientific-pedagogical staff, increase proficiency of professorial-teaching staff and scientific staff of the university.

In accordance with the main objects Centre of post-graduate training realizes following functions:

-organization of the work by intake to Master course and doctoral candidacy PhD;

– realization of the control by implementation of individual plans by  undergraduates and students PhD;

– maintaining references with faculties, departments, research supervisors of undergraduates and students PhD;

-provision of the preference with MES RK and the Committee on control in education and science.

Staff of the centre of post-graduate centre:

Sultanova Liliya Minullovna –head of postgraduate education,

A graduate of the Karaganda metallurgical Institute on specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances”.

From 1993 to  2011 worked as the Registrar’s office at the chemistry Department of KSU named after  E. A. Buketov

In 2010 she defended  thesis on 00.02.03 – Organic chemistry

From 2011 to  2015 she worked as a lecturer at the chemistry Department of KSU named after  E. A. Buketov.


Umirtassova Karlygash Tassymovna – the specialist of Management of postgraduate education of the University.

A graduate of 1981 of  Karaganda Polytechnic Institute by specialty “Mining machines and complexes”.

Since 1981 she worked as senior engineer for mining works in the technical Department of the mine “Stakhanov”.

Since 2001 she has been working in Karaganda state technical University as technical Secretary of the Dissertation councils of the University.


Zholmagambetova Bakhytgul Rysbekovna – the specialist of Management of postgraduate education of the University.

A graduate of Karaganda state University named after  E. A. Buketov,

on the  specialty “Applied and computational mathematics”.

Since 2001 worked in Karaganda state technical University as the Methodist of  educational-methodical Department of management of postgraduate education.

Since 2007, Methodist at Department of international cooperation for the implementation of the International scholarship of the President of the Republic “Bolashak” and other international programs.

The work was combined with teaching in the Department Since 2006.

In 2015, awarded the academic degree master of natural Sciences, majoring in Mathematics.


Daribayeva Aizhan Rymkulkyzy– the specialist of Management of postgraduate education of the University.

2007- Graduate of  Karaganda state technical University, on specialty “Materials Science and technology of new materials”.