Casting for the III annual “Rector’s ball”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of academician A.S.Saginov.Trade Union organization of students of  KSTU  “Zhas Orda” announces casting for the III annual “Rector’s ball”, dedicated to 100th  anniversary of academician A. S. Saginov. This year the event is held for the third time and is already very popular, becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year. The purpose of this event is the aesthetic organization of cultural leisure of students, promotion of social etiquette, stimulating social activity of students.

Debutants of  the ball have the opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere, the magic of music and the magic of dance and to be  part of the history that unites thousands of people.

The casting is held at the Palace of youth “Zhastar Alemy” from 16.00 to 18.00, and will last for four days:  February 2-  for students of FEEM, FIT, ASF, February 3- for students of  MF, MBF;  February 4-  for students of  MTF, FET, MRF; February 5-  for students of  KSTU, KEU, KSMU, Bolashak.


Buzyakov Rustam – Chairman of the Union of students of KSTU

“Zhas Orda” +77001525500;

Madeniyat Anara – project Manager +77003555333.