The unique equipment of the   department

The department has a special lab to conduct laboratory studies on mechanics,

engineering mechanics, applied mechanics, strength of materials, theory of

mechanisms and machines.

The department possesses the following: 2 laptops, 22 computers (computer class has been founded), “RAMA” (frame) author’s computer program on

the analysis of frames, beams, trusses and arches is used  (in   “Engineering

Mechanics-2” course – Asst  Bezkorovainy P .G., prof. Akhmediev S.K.), virtual

Lab works are performed for “Experimental Mechanics”   course (A. P. Zhilkibaev

N.T., assistant Mikhailov V.F.), course designing is being done for

“TMM”,“Applied Mechanics”  courses (A.Ps: Starostin, VP Filippov, TS, senior

teachers: Oryntaeva GJ, assistants: Mikhailov VF, Orazbekova AA) for all

disciplines of the  department “Compass-Graphic LT” software package is used

for the  “Applied Mechanics”course  .

For   training as well as for research purposes PC «ANSYS» is used

(educational-research version) on special courses of “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” discipline.

Besides the department has 2 scanners, 2 laser printers, “Three in

one” printer. As for audio and video equipment there is a plasma TV and a multimedia video projector (for this purpose a specialized lecture hall has been established at the Department). And also Department balance-sheet includes equipment used for the lab. works on the strength of materials, applied mechanics.

Following is the list of equipment and facilities included in Department balance-sheet :
1. CM-1 complex on  17 labs for  “Resistance of Materials”and “Engineering Mechanics-1” courses  (year of creation is 2006).
2. Copper MK-30 – set to determine the toughness of materials;
3. MI-12N – Installation of a double shear test;
4. UIM-50M – Installation of a tensile-testing;
5. UIM-5 – Set to determine the elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratio;
6. Setting to determine the critical force of compressed rack;
7. CM-20 – Installation, designed to demonstrate the loss of stability under longitudinal bending of the rod;
8. AM-1 – torsion of solid circular rod;
9. Mi-40U – as a set.