Alimkhan Ermekov Republican Olympiad on Mathematics

1 November, the opening of the First Alimkhan Ermekov Republican Olympiad on mathematics, devoted to 25-anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 125th anniversary of the first Kazakh Professor of mathematics Alimkhan Ermekov was held in Karaganda State Technical University.

The purpose of the Olympiad is to promote creativity, the deepening of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the gifted in mathematics, students of 8-9 grades, who were qualified in all regions of Kazakhstan. The competition involved 143 people, who came from all regions of our country.

Intellectual competition held in two rounds, and the results will be announced at the closing ceremony, which will take place on the 3rd November 2016, at K. Stanislavsky Karaganda Regional Drama Theatre.

The Prize Fund of the Olympiad is more than 1 000 000 KZT. The winner of the Grand Prix will be awarded 250 000 KZT. Cash compensation are established for 12 prize places and 25 categories on behalf of the scientists of Karaganda region.

It is no coincidence that the Republican Olympiad is held in KSTU. A prominent scientist of the Kazakh people, Alimkhan Ermekov worked in our University, which is considered as one of the leading in the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond.

15 people took participation in the Olympiad from Karaganda region. Karaganda teachers and organizers of this event put high hopes on them.

Meanwhile, it is the first Olympiad of mathematics of Alimkhan Ermekov. The organizers plan to hold it annually in the future.