Activists of Department



Manas Aspengaziev

Студент группы

A student of Karaganda State Technical Univerasiteta, students majoring in “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits” of the Mining Department.
He is an activist of the Faculty Union Bureau of Mines, as well as the SS Sports Center “Zhas Orda”.
Debutant and Charity and Rectors of the ball.
Winner of the contest “The debut of the first course of 2015”.
Organizer CA sporting events and tournaments in the Karaganda State Technical Univerasitete.
Member of the team area in Greco-Roman wrestling.
Actively participates in the life of the university.






Kabylbekov Zhasulan

student group GPR-15-1

Since 2015, he enrolled in the Karaganda State Technical University, Faculty of Mining at the specialty “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits” on the program “Serpіn”. Chairman of the student council. Organizer of events at Karaganda State Technical Univerasitete. He is an activist of the Mining Faculty, Department of GRMPI.



Abdin Kamal Muratuly

Student group PGR 15-3

Student KSTU the department of “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”. He is an activist faculty, volunteer IBO “Aқniet” member “Enactus KSTU” command. In his spare time playing in the group VIACorps on behalf of the University.

Also, now is the former chairman of Union Bureau of the Faculty of Mining.