Academic process

There are 17 class-rooms including 1 computer-class with modern computers for laboratory works, for course papers, and for diploma projects at “The Vocational Education ” department. There are 5 class-rooms with LCD and DVD multimedia-projectors and with the interactive white-board. A lot of classes and scientific research works are held at different subjects on the basis of computer classes.

2011-2017 y. – there were bought personal computers, notebooks and printers.

The technical equipment of the department meets the requirements of the aims and objectives in the training of highly-qualified specialists. There is a methodological class and the class for diploma projects design.

The teaching staff consults the students in the following directions: they consult the senior students, they consult the students on their course papers, SSWT. All the consultations are held in the accordance with the confirmed schedule.

There is carried out the scientific-research work with the students. There is the scientific club “The teacher-researcher” on professional pedagogics at the VE and BMT department (the c.t.s. Gotting V.V, – supervisor). The mebers of this club took the part in the following competitions:

 Academic mobility of students of the department (Академическая мобильность студентов кафедры)

The UML realise  plan for 2018  (План выпуска УМЛ на 2018 уч.год)

Shedule of consultation by discipline (О проведении консультаций по дисциплинам ВОУД)

The ECI plan for 2017-2018 (План ЭУИ на 2017-2018 уг год)

The academic plan (План УМС на 2017-2018 уч год)

Material base

Academic calendar

The list of diploma project themes PE

Curriculum of examination

Regulations  оn the practice of masters degree (Положение о практике по магистратуре)

Regulations  on the organization of baccalaureate practicesintermediate
(Положени о практике по бакалавриату)


Shedule of   intermediate  cirtification (График проведения промежуточной аттестации)

Master’s Degree Vocational Training