Academic Process of department of «Russian language and culture»


Educational-methodical work

The main goal of the Educational and Methodological Council of the Russian Language and Culture Chair is to improve the quality of teaching the university students and improve the methodological support for training specialists. In this connection, the following tasks are performed:

Providing a methodological base for teaching Russian and professional Russian:

– replenishment of the fund of educational and methodical literature;

– control and methodological support for the development of electronic educational publications and teaching aids;

– improving the methodological support of the system of teaching Russian as a foreign language with the use of innovative technologies;

– development and examination of language training assignments for the control section of primary, current, residual knowledge of the Russian language.

Improving the quality of teaching Russian:

– application of information and communication technologies in the educational process of teaching Russian and professional Russian;

– analysis of the quality of practical training in accordance with modern methods of teaching Russian and the Russian language;

– conducting master classes to improve the professional and pedagogical competence of teachers;

– improving the systems of assessments and control of knowledge of Russian and professional Russian.

Monitoring the quality of education:

– Student attendance analysis;

– results of conducting boundary controls;

– analysis of the results of examination sessions;

– the issues of teaching Russian and professional Russian to students with a state language of instruction;

– analysis of the quality of the educational services provided, the level of students’ academic achievements.