Academic Process

Academic Process

With a view of perfection of training of students on department, educational methodical complexes of teachers for all specialities and modes of study are developed and confirmed.

For introduction in educational process of modern innovative forms teachers at conducting lecture, practical and laboratory researches use the multimedia videoprojectors, allowing to show a teaching material on screens, the plasma TV allowing through the built  computer to give an illustrative material on the big television format and as an interactive board.

For last 3 years were published: 11 electronic textbooks, 7 manuals and 452 study-methodical works on Russian language, on a state language – 128, 6 slide lectures, from them 1 – on a state language, 5 video-lectures, 36 multimedia presentations, from them – 8 on a state language. The textbook with a signature stamp of The science Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan Republic is prepared for the edition. The electronic textbook of the senior lecturer of Yassinsky V. B has won 1st prize on the International symposium «XXI-st century Higher education», Almaty city.

For carrying out educational process the department has: 2-lecture audiences, 1 computer video hall with selection of educational films, 5 audiences – for carrying out practical training and 7 educational laboratories in which are spent works on physics sections (mechanics, the molecular physics, an electricity, electromagnetism, optics). Laboratories are equipped by modern interactive educational stands.

The department is provided by study-methodical instructions in educational process of bachelors in the state and Russian languages.

The volume of book fund: in library 3973 copies in Russian, 1210 in Kazakh language, in department 339 copies in Russian, 123 in Kazakh language. For last year 100 copies in  Kazakh language and 100 copies in Russian are got.

On magnetic carriers educational process is provided by the literature completely.


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