Academic process

Educational, industrial and graduation  practical students training is  important part of the educational process, through the system, the continuity and the continuity of student learning.

The first training practice runs on geophysical trajectory in SOL “Polytechnic” (Karkaralinsk), during it students study the geological objects, learn the basics of the field geophysics.

The purpose of industrial practice is to introduce the production of prospecting, prospect evaluation, exploration in the mineral deposits, with the technological process of production of geophysical survey, as well as practical skills for the well logging or field geophysical work.

Practices are held in companies of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika”, KB JSC “Azimut Energy Services”, “Tengiz Shevroil”, “Karachaganak Oil”, “Schlumberger”, “Baker Hughes.”

The department is equipped with everything necessary for learning the latest equipment, which allows not only classes at a high level, but also research and development.

Teachers of the department developed a number of textbooks in Kazakh and Russian languages ​​and published two monographs (Prof. Pak Y.N.).

Education in the official kazakh language of mining engineers, geophysicists started since 1993. Published Russian-Kazakh dictionary geophysical terms (Pak Y.N., Sattarov S.S. 1999).

Developed more than a dozen specialized courses in the disciplines of choice for students of geophysical specialties.

Today, our graduates can be found in the geophysical enterprises in Kazakhstan, Western Siberia and Tartary, in research institutions of Tver and Moscow, in the universities of Kazakhstan and Russia, the USA, Canada, Holland, the company “Schlumberger”, “Backer Hughes”, JSC “Azimuth Energy Services”. Among them: Portnov V.S. – KSTU mind head of Karaganda, Romanov A.A. – General Director of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” Almaty, Beskaravayny G.N. – Ch. engineer “Pomorneftegazgeofizika” Tver, Matonin V.V. – Director of “Ekoekspert” Karaganda, Sattarov S.S. – department head of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Astana, and many others.