A debate on the topic “Is it Right to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

February 14, 2016 in the hostel №1 of the University organized a debate on the topic “Is it Right to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

In ancient times by the decree of the Roman Emperor February 14 was declared as”Valentine’s Day”. The reason for this was the representative of the Catholic religion Valentin, who, despite the decree of the Emperor, and secretly married lovers, who could not be married. On hearing this, the Emperor gives the order to remand him in prison. “Monks” Catholics are forbidden to marry for religious reasons. But in spite of this, giving free rein to own passion, Valentin decides to meet with the daughter of the warden. Learned that, the defenders hung him. Ever since Catholics celebrate February 14 as Valentine’s Day. Because, they have the notion that “Valentine was a victim of love.”

During the debate, the students were divided into two groups: those who support and those who against. Those who supported said that it depends on the understanding of man and every man knows to celebrate or not, and those who spoke against: “We Need to guide youth in the right direction. Better to celebrate our own holiday, the day of Kozy Korpesh – Bayan Sulu on April 15. We’re glad to have our own holiday, which represents the pure and true feelings, and is a celebration of respect and family well-being. In General, we want  this holiday is celebrated in inherent in our people values “. At the end of the debate decided that the number of students who are against to the celebration of this holiday more than those who. We believe that it is an indication that to date has replenished with a number-minded young people.