19.04.2016 Оn April, 19, 2016 with participation the students of  ASF municipal  Sabbatarian was conducted on the sanitary cleaning and equipping with modern amenities.  The students of a 1 course of ASF took part on Sabbatarian.


Students of ASF on municipal Sabbatarian


Students of ASF on municipal Sabbatarian

13.04.2016 on April, 13, 2016 the creative evening  of “Жүз жыл жырлаған жүрек”, sanctified to the 170 year from the day of birth of ZH. Zhabaev, passed in an university . At the end of event rewarded thanks you letter of participants of evening. It was the recipient of an award for active voice student ASF, group S- 15-1 Sultanbek Nurzhan.


Тhanks you letter


Student of group S-15-1 Sultanbek Nurzhan

11.04.2016 Оn April 11 a 2016 g counsel of group Аrh-14-1, 2 teacher of department SHD Adilhanova S.E. conducted an open counsel hour on a theme: “Basenov Т.К. it is a founder of Kazakh architectural school”.


«Basenov Т.К. it is a founder of Kazakh architectural school»


«Basenov Т.К. it is a founder of Kazakh architectural school»

08.04.2016 Оn the inwardly faculty stage of competition of beauty of “Miss KarGTU-2016″ was April, 8, 2016 conducted. The students of group participated on a competition PSK-15-2 Mels ZH., S-15-1 Maksutova A., Arh-15-3 Cherepanova D., Arh-14-1 Smagulova A.,  S-13-3 Alpisova A. Victress of the inwardly faculty  stage of competition of beauty of “Miss KarGTU-2016″ among the girls of  ASF of Smagulova Aknur Dulatovna.


«Miss KarGTU-2016» (ASF)


The participants  of competition show the creative numbers


Smagulova Aknur Dulatovnaа (ASF )

16.02.2016 With the participation of the Dean of the ASF Taranov A. V., Deputy Dean for education ACF Musaeva Zh. T., the Director of the DMP Zhautikova S. A., Chairman of the UK Smagulova N.A.  and a meeting was held with the ASFA students living in the residential AO.


Тhe meeting with students at the ASF


Deputy Dean for education ACF Musaeva Zh.T.


Dean ASF Taranov A.V.

19.01.2016 Was held Inside the University conference on the New educational policy of the University. A report on “EFFECTIVE WAYS of using INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATIONAL PROCESS” was organized by Deputy Dean for education ACF Musaeva Zh.T.


Acted as Deputy Dean for educational work of the ASF Musayeva Zh.T.

14.01.2016 Seminar-workshop on “status, problems and outcome of curatorial work for the fall semester of the 2015-2016 academic year”. The purpose of the seminar: summing up the curatorial work for the fall semester, determination of priority direction of the curatorial work for the second semester of the 2015-2016 academic year. The seminar addressed the following questions:

1. “Prevention of religious extremism among young people” – Deputy Chairman of the Council for spiritual and moral education Tusupbekova Zh.A.

2. On the outcome of curatorial work for the fall semester of the 2015-2016 academic year: reports to senior curators of departments.

3. The report of the Deputy Dean for education ACF Musaeva Zh.T.

4. Analysis of the quality of the master classes for the fall semester – Chairman of the UK Smagulova N.A.


Seminar-meeting ASF


Curators the ASF


The Chairman of the Board of supervisors Smagulova N.A.

09.12.2015 At the University there was held a competition “Best curator-2015″. From the faculty participated, curator of the Arch-13-1, senior teacher of SHD chair Musaeva Zh.T.


Curator group Arch-13-1 Musaeyeva Zh.T.


“Best curator-2015″

30.11.2015 Teachers and students of Architectural-construction faculty listened to the President’s address to the people of Kazakhstan “KAZAKHSTAN IN the NEW GLOBAL REALITY: GROWTH, REFORM, and DEVELOPMENT”.


Teachers ACF


Students ACF

03.11.2015 Тhe curator of the Arch-13-1, lecturer DM Musayeva Z. K. open hours on the topic of FC opening Kuratowski Prov “Ermekov M. A., academician, Professor, Geology-Mineralogy doctor Gunnar in Spain”.


Presentation to curatorial hour


The curator of the ARCH-13-1, lecturer DM Musayeva Zh.Т.

24.10.2015 Deputy dean of ASF on BP Musayev Zh.T. together with TS-15-2 group visited the Historical and cultural center of the First President.


Historical and cultural center of the First President


Deputy dean of ASF on BP Musayev Zh.T. together with TS-15-2 group


Deputy dean of ASF on BP Musayev Zh.T. together with TS-15-2 group

08.10.2015 “Dedication 2015″.


Activists of 1 form


Participants of the concert program of action “Dedication 2015″


Talented  reader  of  verses, leader, host Beysembin Ernat of PSK-14-1


Participants of the SBM KVN team Alkenov Alibek of PO-14-1, Zhaksylykov Chinghiz of PO-14-1, Ryskulbek Manas TC-14-2

26.09.2015 Participation in support of the soccer team “Engineer” of KarGTU at the first game of student’s league.


Support of the soccer team “Engineer” of KarGTU

21.09.2015 Participation in intelligently game “Tildaryn 2015″.


Tildaryn 2015


Tildaryn 2015

15.09.2015 Participation in annual a quest marathon “We will establish relation” (1 place).


“We will establish relation”. 1 place


Quest marathon “We will establish relation”

2014-2015 (spring semester)

11.05.2015 4-6 may Herou KSTU an event was conducted between faculted. Moderator- ABF students.


Hero KSTU Hero. May-2015


Competition Hero KSTU


Hero KSTU winner. Ivanov A. MIF


Hero KSTU sponsors

01.05.2015 Unity day.


Area to Independence. ТС-14-1 group. Theatricalized presentation

20.04.2015 KVN game conducted inwardly facultet.


KVN game facultet


Question from a hall


KVN judges


«Cursach» arhitectors group


PSK group winner KVN

02.04.2015  Student Zhakupov D. (Arh-11-2) occupied 3 place in the National finale of Kazakhstan in a student competition “Planning of multicomfort house of  ISOVER – 2015″.


Certificate ISOVER – 2015

28.02.2015  Programm EXPO devoted meeting round table  conducted.

KrStol_1 Meeting round table

KrStol_2 Green energy, A. Zavodny (B-13-3)

KrStol_3 Energy, Abduanbay B. (B-14-1)

KrStol_4 Materials application, Orazbaev A. (PSK-13-2)

KrStol_5EXPO present, Uisinbekov A. (B-12-3 )

27.02.2015  23.02.-27.02. S-14-1 & PSK-14-1 students «Yoth religion literacy formation: topical problems & the way solutions» title eexchange rate learned.

gramota_4  Certificate

27.02.2015  «Multilingual in university education medium» the name republican scientific and practical  conference S-12-3 students Uysinbekov A. received III  place.

gramota_5 Certificate

gramota_3 Diploma

27.02.2015  2 second year students  ACF «Forsite specialty» between facultet competition received 1 place.

gramota_1 Gramota


Profession Forsite. ABF group

24.02.2015  PSK-14-1 students Zhukenova M. & Zhumat A. «Kazakh writer Ilyas Esenberlin 100 anniversary birth the best essay» between facultet competition III  place received.


20.02.2015 On February 14 in Astana at the meeting of the Academic Center of Kazakhstan МААМ International Academy of Architecture Department in Moscow associate professor KarSTU Lebedev Sergey Alekseevich was awarded the medal. T.K.Basenova for his contribution to the development of architectural education in in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in connection with the 45th anniversary of work in the field of architecture and education and the 70th anniversary of the birth. Certificate №016, Minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council KazMAAM №28 from 23 November 2014. Chairman KazMAAM, doctor of Architecture, academician B.Kuspangaliev.

 medal_1 Handing of medal to Lebedev S.A.Медаль им. Т.К. Басенова. Проф. Лебедев С.А. Medal the name of Т.К. Basenov. Professor Lebedev S.A.medal_5A branch of МААМ is in Kazakhstan. Representative office  medal_2Certificate KazMAAM
medal_4A branch of МААМ is in Kazakhstan

19.02.2015  ASF team took 2nd place in the intellectual and entertaining contest “NSC”.



11.02.2015  Women’s and men’s team table tennis ASF took 2nd place in the tournament mezhfakultetovskom.





10.02.2015  Аt the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts held a round table “poster exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945″. The exhibition was attended by students of 2-5 courses of Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty, Dean ASF Imanov M.O., organizers and curators of the exhibition, senior lecturer Lebedev S.A., Dept. A, D and PM, Professor Zolotareva L.R. 8 people received certificates, 16 – letters of thanks. There was a high level of student work in the field of poster art.


Верхотуров Филипп, Арх-11-2


Жанибеков Ануар, Арх-13-3


Ким Алина, Диз-13-2


Краснова Виолетта, Диз-12-2


Кузнецова Анастасия, Диз-13-2


Пак Антонина, Арх-10-2


Тиц Иван, Арх-10-2


Лопунов Михаил, Арх-10-2

05.01.2015 Thank you for letter from «Zhas Orda» for active participation in the social life of the Faculty and the university Alkenova A., gr. C-14-1.

Жас. орда. Алькенова А._2

Thank you for letter

2014-2015 (аutumn semester)

31.12.2014 Diploma for participation in SBG by recovering v. Kokpekty. Valuable present is watches. Baideldinov T. PBC-13-2.

ССО-Кокпекты. Байдельдинов Т._2


Подарок-часы. Кокпекты-ССО_2

Valuable present

30.12.2014 Day of the Faculty


Day of the Faculty in YB «Jastar  alem»


Day of the Faculty. Hall 2 floor 1 campus


Music performanc

22.12.2014 The rectorial grant was got a:

  1. Ksenofontova A., students PSK 12-2, the best faculity works
  2. Ultai Aigerim students PSK-13-1, the best head, the head “Armandastar Ordasy”

“The best group” of 2014 years PSK-13-1 group, teacher –Kasimova S.S. , head- Ahmadieva B., the aktiv group: Kabken M.,Isaev R., Sharip A., Ultay A., Kazhdambek A., Kemelahun N.

10.12.2014 Round table discussion on the message of the President RK. Speakers: Akatayev N., PSK-13-2 g., Ahmetzhanova B., S-14-1 g., Muhamedya A. & Ainazarov A., g. S-13-2 & other. Moderator – Zavodny A., g. S-13-3. The program of the speakers & discussion.


Speakers Taytoleu B., Toktasyn М.




Speaker Ahmetzhanova B. (S-14-1)


Speakers Muhamedya A. & Ainazarov A. (С-13-2)


Moderator Zavodny A. (gr. S-13-3)


 Speaker Akatayev Nurzhan (PSK-13-2)

04.12.2014 ABF students «Debut 1 kurs students» conquered Gran-pri.




Diplom Gran-pri

28.11. 2014 Ordes №859, 24.11.14   «About attendance of classes by Students of Bachelor Degree»

1) For high organization of discipline and attendance of academic classes

declare gratitude to following curators and groups:

C-12-3 – Pchelnikova Yu.N., senior teacher of chair С & HUH;

Dis-b-2 – Ushakova K.V., senior teacher of chair SHD;

PBC-14-1 – Ikisheva A.O., senior teacher of chair TCM & P;

C-13-4 – Shaymuhanova S.D., assistant professor of chair HK;

C-12-1 – Toleuova M.O., senior teacher of chair SHD;

PBC-13-3 – Kasimova S.S., senior teacher of chair;

Arc-13-3 – Mashtakova E.K., senior teacher of chair A&D;

PBC-11-2 – Divak L.A., teacher of chair TCM & P;

C-11-1 – Tungushbayeva S.Zh., senior teacher of chair C & HUH.

28.11.2014 Holding university event “Culinary Day” in the dormitory “Armandastar ordasy”.

27.11.2014 Holding round table discussion on Message of the President N.A. Nazarbayev to people of Kazakhstan.

26.11.2014 Holding of the birthday of the ACF.

19.11.2014 The organization of spiritual and moral education together with students of Architecture and construction faculty carried out online conference with Professor Kh.M. Abzhanov of Sh. Ualikhanov Institute of history and ethnology, dedicated to the date of birth of the scientist.

14.11.2014 Temirbayev Dmitry, student of the group C-14-2, became the bronze winner of Open Republic Competition in free-style wrestling.

07.11.2014 Event «Day of  horror». Dormitory «Armandastar ordasy». 1 place – TRF, 2 place – ACF, 3 place – ITF. 3 faculties participated.


Day of  horror


2 place – ACF

03.11.2014 In Karaganda took place Asian Championship “Nomad MMA”  in mixed martial arts, C-14-1 group’s student Enbekov A. became the winner.


Enbekov Ardak (С-14-1)

23.10.2014 KVN-team Kazakh league, Freshman year.


KVN-team Kazakh league

29.09. 2014 The activists of АСF organized  the competition “The Best group” among the students of Freshman year. A competition took place Youth Palace «Zhastar Аlemy».


Vocal event


Dancing event




The activists of АСF