Head’s CV

Steblyakova Larisa Petrovna


Head. the department “Engineering Enterprise

and marketing “of the Faculty of Engineering Economics

and management of the Karaganda State

Technical University, Dr.

Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Certified

Business Coach and NLP Coach Practitioner ICU,

owner of international scholarship

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Bolashak”

member of the “Bolashak” Association,

winner of the national grant

“The best teacher of the university”, 2014

Education April 28, 2010 she defended her thesis for the degree of doctor of economic sciences on specialty 08.00.01 – “Economic Theory”. Thesis: “Transformation of Economic Systems: Theory and Practice.”

From November 2006 to November 2009 he was trained in doctoral studies at Moscow State University. MV University at the Department of Economic Theory of the Faculty of Public Administration (under the state of “Bolashak” scholarship program of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

In October 2004, she was awarded the academic title of associate professor in the specialty 08.00.00 – “Economics”.

“Economics and management of national economy” – May 11, 2001 she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences on specialty 08.00.05. Thesis: “Methods of assessment and management of structural changes in the engineering industry (for example, Central Kazakhstan)”

In 2000, she completed her graduate studies at the Department of Management at the enterprise of the Faculty of Economics and Management of KSTU.

In 1993 he graduated from Karaganda Order of Red Banner of Labor Polytechnic Institute (now the Karaganda State Technical University). Speciality: economics and management in mechanical engineering (diploma “with distinction”). Qualification: engineer-economist.

Refresher courses for the last 5 years in August 2016 – the passage of English courses (B1) and EF Standart English Test (EF International Language Centers (London, UK), 80 hours)

January to May 2016 – the passage of English language courses, level of Intermediate

( «StudyInn», Karaganda).

February 2016 – passing the training course «Practical tool for the development of the entrepreneurial education», CESIE (Center for European Studies and Initiatives) (Palermo, Italy).

December 2015 – the passage of refresher courses on the program “Methods of management decision making” (56 hours) (Program Manager -…. Head of the Department of Government management of the Kuzbass state tech Zap them TF Gorbachev d.s.n .., Prof. Zaruba NS place through courses – KSTU, Karaganda).

September-December 2015 – the passage of English language courses, level Pre-Intermediate

(«StudyInn», Karaganda).

September 2015 – participation in the International Forum of Engineering Education «Engineering Education for a Resilient Society» (Florence, Italy).

August 2015 – the passage of English language courses, level A2 (EF International Language Centers, 80 hours (London, UK)).

June-July 2015 – the passage of English language courses (Elementary course) (Study Innovation) (Karaganda).

June 2016 – the passage of a training seminar on commercialization of technologies. Organizer – LLP “Technology Commercialization Center” 16 hours (Astana).

May 2015 – the passage of the short-term training program “Use of remote sensing technology in the teaching and the organization of educational process in the field of public administration” (Public Administration Faculty of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov).

July-August 2015 – participation in the 4-level training program for coaches ‘coach-practices »(« Art & Science of Reality Coaching ») within the framework of the project” Education Center “Bolashak’ Association.” Head – founder and leading trainer of the International NLP University, PhD V. Zelenin (Kiev, Ukraine). Certified as a coaching practice (coach-practitioner).

February 2015 – training in the direction of “Engineering Pedagogic” (16 hours) (location – National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia).

February 2015 – participation in the training «The International Trainer’s Training Part One: Powerful Presentations» (4 Days). Head – Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, President of Erickson College International (Vancouver, Canada).

2014 – Participation in the scientific seminar “Fundamentals of innovative education in modern universities” (a place of passage – KSTU, Karaganda).

December 2014 – increase the program qualification “Business Statistics and Forecasting” (72 hours). Program Manager – prof. MGUESI Sadovnikov NA (Moscow, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

December 2014 – training program “Innovation Economy”, “Crisis Management” (72 hours). Program Managers – prof. ISP name VA Trapeznikova RAS Nizhegorodtsev RM, prof. Lomonosov Moscow State University University Pokrytan PA (Moscow, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

November-December 2014 – the passage of a production internship in the marketing department TEC PlyusMikro, 72 hours (Karaganda).

November-December 2014 – Training under the program “Modern style of language and behavior of business people in management and business” (85 hours). Head of the program – Ph.D., Professor. Mažeika KI (Moscow, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

November-December 2014 – Training program “Modern problems of science”, “Project Management” (55 hours). Program Manager – prof. Boyarko GY (Tomsk, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

November 2014 – Course on combating extremism ( “Assistance Center victims of destructive religious movements” PA “Nurly Bilim”).

October 2014 – Integral training for NLP trainers (10 days) (Program Manager – VV Zelenin, Kyiv, Ukraine) (venue of the training – the “Bolashak” Association, Astana, Kazakhstan). Certified as a business manager (business trainer NLP).

May 2014 – a seminar on Thomson Reuters resources for research.

April 2014 – training seminar “Development intrahigh system of quality assurance” (Independent agency for accreditation and rating).

2013 – training courses on “Modern approaches to the organization of educational work in a technical college” (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

October-November 2013 – training on the basics of entrepreneurship and business (32 hours). Kazakhstan Association of Entrepreneurs (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

October 2013 – Training under the program “Experimental Economics” (72 hours). Program Manager – prof. University of Vienna, Dr. PhD James Tremewan (Vienna, Austria) (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

April – May 2013 – Training under the program “Financial markets and intermediaries” (72 hours). Program Manager – S. Fraser University PhD Dr. Ramazan Gencay (Vancouver, Canada) (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

February 2013 – training seminar “Development of internal quality assurance system of education” (Independent agency for accreditation and rating).

December 2012 – Training on “Marketing” program (72 hours). Program Manager – Dr. PhD, professor Dusan Radonjic, University of Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

December 2012 – Training under the program “Financial Management” (72 hours). Program Manager – Banking College professor Oldrich Knaifl (Prague, Czech Republic) (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

September 2012 – Training under the program “The world financial system” (54 hours). Program Manager – prof. R. Giese (Zittau / Goerlitz, Germany) (location – KSTU, Karaganda).

June 2012 – International training program for the summer session «Business Education Teachers Academy» Teachers (International Academy of Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan).

June 2012 – Training of teachers on the program “Organization of international activities and conduct joint dual degree programs with American universities” (72 hours) (the Moscow Lomonosov State University).

May 2012 – Training courses on “History of Economic Thought”, “Fundamentals of economic science” (72 hours). Program Manager – prof. Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ph.D. Pokrytan PA (Moscow, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

December 2011 – Training course “Crisis Management” (40 hours). Program Manager – prof. Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ph.D. Pokrytan PA (Moscow, Russia) (passing place – KSTU, Karaganda).

November-December 2011 – Production training on CF LLP “Evrotehservis K” (Karaganda).

November 2011 – training at the Institute of Control Sciences. VA Trapeznikova Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia) under the program “Innovation Management” (72 hours).

June-July 2011 – Training courses on “Economics of Innovation”, “Macroeconomic policy” (60 hours). Program Manager – Head. Laboratory of the Institute of Control Sciences. VA Trapeznikova Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Doctor of Economics, Professor. Nizhegorodtsev RM (Location – KSTU, Karaganda).

February 2011 – training on the course “Economic theory” (a place of passage -. Institute of retraining and advanced training of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia).

January 2011 – attended a training seminar on the basics of corporate governance (location – Institute of Directors, Karaganda).

Courses “The economic analysis of the enterprise”, “Marketing”, “Marketing analysis”, “Management”, “Organization of business”, “Human Resource Management”, “Communication in Organizations”, “Risk Management”, “Fundamentals of innovation enterprise” “Economic theory”, “business Economics and engineering entrepreneurship” and others.

Scientific projects

2012-2013,. – Development of studies concepts for innovative projects (artist):

– “Metal production with UFG structure and improved physical and mechanical properties”;

– “Improving the production of large casting technology for freight w / wagons on gasified models”;

– “Increasing the safety of underground mining on the basis of the integrated management of geomechanical and geotechnological processes in coal rock mass in coal mines.”

Of 2008-2009. – Fundamental research work “Scientific basis, factors and mechanisms of production with high added value in areas of raw material export orientation” (grant MES Fundamental Research Program, number of state registration 0106 RK 00448) (Institute of market relations at the University them. EABuketov) (performer).

2006 – the project “Formation of competitive clusters in Central Kazakhstan” (Consortium for Economic Research and Education and the Association of Educational Establishments «Education Network») (the head).

  Expert activity

2016 – expert KKSON in Economic Sciences, Astana.

2015 – Expert contest for young professionals “Jas sarapshy – 2015” (the “Bolashak” Association, Geneva Business School).

2014 – conducting peer review for 30 projects presented in LLP “Technology Commercialization Center”, Astana.

publication 2013-2016 year