“Mine surveying, Geomechanics and Geometrization” laboratory

The scope of innovative researches of department and laboratory is carried out in three large directions:

1. “Management of surveying and geomechanical processes at open-cast minings” prof. Nizametdinov F.K., prof. Ozhigin S.G.

The first direction includes three problems:

— development of scientific bases of creation of geomonitoring open pit massifs of open-cast mining;

— development of methods of calculation and an assessment of stability of slopes of ledges and open pits in various mining-and-geological conditions;

— development of actions for ensuring stability of stationary slopes of open pit ledges.

In this direction contracts with the mining enterprises are signed: JSC SSGPO, JSC Shubarkol Komir, JSC Sary-Arka ENERGY, JSC “East Mine Administration” for the total amount of 37,7 million тг., research supervisors: Dr.Sci.Tech. prof. Nizametdinov F.K., Ozhigin S.G., executives: Ozhigina S.B., Hmyrova E.N., Besimbayev O. G., Nizametdinov R. F.

2. “Management of geomechanical processes by underground mining”

Research supervisor: prof. Sabdenbekuly O.

In the second scientific direction – research of the geomechanical processes happening by underground mining (the head prof. Sabdenbekuly O., отв. performers: Zhunusova G. E., Besimbayeva O. G., Nizametdinov R. F. etc.) contracts with the enterprises were carried out: NOVO Tsink LLP, JSC Zhayremsky GOK, JSC Altynalmas, etc. for the total amount of 20.0 million tenges.

3. “Monitoring of a condition of a terrestrial surface of the Karaganda coal basin on the basis of a satellite radar interferometry”

Research supervisor: assoc. prof. Mozer D. V.

In the third scientific direction – monitoring to a condition of a terrestrial surface of the Karaganda coal basin (the research supervisor: Cand.Tech.Sci. Mozer D. V., отв. performers: Tuyakbay A.S., Satbergenova A.K.) the RK MAUN scientific project with the sum of 23.0 million tg is won.

TS of the department (64%), undergraduates (100%) and students in number of 10 people of specialties Mining and G&K take part in implementation of scientific contracts. On the basis of scientific researches of chair systematic work on preparation of theses by undergraduates and doctoral candidates is conducted.

Educational process and scientific researches of the faculty of chair is carried out on the unique surveying and geodetic equipment of Leica Geosystems firm: the electronic tacheometer in number of 3 pieces, including robotized, global satellite system: a base station and a portable rover, the laser scanner “Leica HDS”, an electronic level, a fotogrammetrichesky computer prefix, and also there is an electronic tomografogeoskanning system of the Swedish production.


For the automated processing of results of surveying and geodetic measurements and planning of mining operations there are modern geographic information systems: GEMCOM, CREDO, LISCAT, SAMARA that allows to conduct training at qualitatively new level. The equipment is concentrated in cathedral scientific laboratory “Mine surveying, Geomechanics and Geometrization” and republican laboratory of the engineering profile “Computer Development of Resources of Mineral Raw Materials”.


Electronic laser HDS Scan Station 3D scanner.

Technical characteristics: angular accuracy 12″, spatial coordinates 6mm., distance 4mm., the speed of scanning is up to 50000 points a second.


Professional system (GPS Systems 1200), GX 1230.

Technical characteristics: the two-frequency receiver of a geodetic class, SKO a statics in respect of 3 mm + 0.5mm/km, a statics on height of 6 mm + 0.5mm/km, kinematics in respect of 10 mm + 1mm/km, kinematics on height of 20 mm + 1mm/km.



Electronic level DNA 03.

Technical characteristics: accuracy (SKO) on 1 km of forward/reverse motion electronic measurements of 0.3 mm, automatic heating of the display at -5 °C, memory on 6000 measurements, the range of working temperatures from -20 °C to +50 °C, Protection against dust and IP53 moisture, the weight of 2,8 kg.