Development of system of technologies commercialization

Goals and Objectives of technology commercialization:

  • selection and evaluation of technology commercialization projects;
  • creation of a portfolio of technologies intended for commercialization, as well as a portfolio of orders for scientific developments in demand on the market;
  • protection, evaluation, insurance of innovative research and development, promotion of domestic innovations to foreign markets, technology transfer, preparation of license agreements;
  • assistance in domestic and foreign patenting of scientists’ developments;
  • conducting marketing research, developing business plans, training, coaching and consulting activities;
  • study of international experience and development of international cooperation in the field of transfer, borrowing and development of innovative technologies, their commercialization and implementation.
  • examination of R&D results and identification of promising developments for commercialization;
  • evaluation of existing intellectual property at the university;
  • conducting marketing research;
  • expanding partnerships with businesses at the national and international levels in order to attract investment, create and commercialize competitive intellectual property products.