In April 2017 in г.Бишкек(Kyrgyzstan) an internationalconference took place within the framework of internationalproject GIZ on a theme “New possibilities in the field of tradeeducation: employment, innovations and stability” by cparticipation of representatives of sphere ofeducation(Institutions of higher learning, colleges, Departmentsof education), services, Technical and professional educationfrom Europe(Germany, Denmark, France etc.), Tadjikistan, Кыргыстан and Kazakhstan.
The associate professor of department the “Vocational training”of Самашова Г.Е. the “New didactics and special didactics”participated at conference as a moderator of sections andcame forward with a lecture on a theme “Application ofиннофационных technologies of educating is a mortgage ofsuccessful preparation of future.


04/06/2017 Teachers of Gymnasium No. 45 I.A. Esaulova and R.I. Imanbaeva on the basis of the department “Vocational training” were coaching on the theme: “On the updated content of education in secondary schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

During the coaching, the teachers of the department showed activity and interest in the material presented. Actively participated in the discussion and group work. We discussed the substantial difference between the updated curricula, namely:

– the principle of helicity when designing the content of an object;

– a hierarchy of learning objectives on the taxonomy of Bloom, based on the laws of cognition and classified by the most important types of subject operations;

– the presence of “cross-cutting themes” between subjects both within one educational area, and when implementing intersubject communications;

– organization of the educational process using long-term, medium-term and short-term plans;

– raising the educational potential of education, the formation of moral and spiritual qualities of the learner;

– pedagogical goal-setting on the levels of education and throughout the course of training, which allows to take into account the intrasubject connections as much as possible;

– the content of the sections and the proposed time for those requests, the emphasis on the formation of social skills.

the system-activity approach in teaching (active inclusion of the student in the process of cognition)was the most focused on.

During the group work, seven training modules were compared to their didactic methods, analyzed, came to the conclusion that the teaching staff of the department used in their practice all seven modules that corresponded to the principles of the system-activity approach.

In addition, the coaches (I.A. Esaulova and R.I. Imanbaeva) proposed to conduct an analysis: to find a common and distinctive approach to teaching in higher and secondary schools. Teachers enthusiastically and actively worked in groups, qualitatively made the analysis.

During the reflection part of the lesson, everyone noted the usefulness of such communication and expressed a desire to meet on the next coaching on the topic “On interactive learning”.

The coaching accomplished reached its goal.

We express our gratitude to the teachers of Gymnasium No. 45 Esaulova I.A. and Imanbaeva R.I. and we hope for further close cooperation.