27.03.20-15.04.20y a presentation contest on the theme «SUR TUNGAN SARYARKA»  was announced within the framework of the program «Rukhani zhangyru», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the faculty of Innovative technologies.

The goal of the contest is to know your history, study your spiritual and cultural heritage, and form your national identity.

Competition problem:

  • collect material about the sacred places of Saryarka: legends, tales, memories;
  • development of students ‘ creative abilities;
  • instilling research skills in students.

Presentation directions:

  1. Natural landscape (peaks, rocks and caves)
  2. Medieval cities and architectural monuments
  3. Religious and religious sites that are places of worship
  4. Places associated with creative and historical figures
  5. Places where significant historical and political events took place

Contingent of participants: first-year students — 15 works were completed. At the first stage, members of the Commission selected 8 best works from among the presented presentations.

On 15.04.20, an online conference was held on the zoom platform from 16:00 – 17: 30, where projects were demonstrated and defended, the results were summed up and the winners were announced, and the contest participants will be awarded later.

Moderated by: head of the Department, Sagatova A. S.; M. G., assistant  Zhumakanova F. D.

The competition Committee consists of the following members of the jury:

  1. Vice-Rector for educational work Alpysbaeva N. A.
  2. Chairman of the Council for spiritual and moral education, Ph. D., Professor K. B. Kyzirov
  3. Dean of the faculty of fit, candidate of Sciences G. E. Samasheva
  4. Head of the Department «History of Kazakhstan», candidate of Sciences Sagatova A. S.

Results of the jury’s decision:

1st place student gr. MD-19-2 Rakhatov Aldiyar.  Project manager, candidate of Sciences Nugman B. G.

2nd place student gr. UIA 19-1 Kenes Fariz.  Project manager, Ph. D., associate Professor Suleymenova M. Zh

3-place student gr. Arch 19-3 Shakarimov Anuar.  Project manager, Ph. D., associate Professor Daniyarova A.E

3rd place students of PSK 19-1 Kudaibergen Nauryzbay, Sezbekkyzy Galiya. project manager m. g. n. Zhumakanova F. D.

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