Office of Commercialization of Technologies

The main objective of the Office of Commercialization of Technologies is

  • to select and evaluate projects for the commercialization of technologies with high commercial potential;
  • the creation of a portfolio of technologies intended for commercialization, as well as a portfolio of orders for scientific developments in demand on the market;
  • development of the innovative structure of the university by facilitating the creation of small innovative / science intensive / high-tech enterprises on the basis of the university;
  • improvement of the intellectual property management infrastructure at the university — protection, evaluation, insurance of innovative research and development;
  • assistance in the promotion of domestic innovations in foreign markets, the transfer of technology, the preparation of licensing agreements;
  • assistance in domestic and foreign patenting of the developments of scientists of the University;
  • conducting marketing research, development of business plans;
  • training, coaching and advisory activities;
  • propaganda and advertising of OCT, projects of commercialization of technologies;
  • organization and participation in activities aimed at increasing innovation activity in the country;
  • participation in foresight research;
  • studying international experience and developing international cooperation in transferring, borrowing and developing innovative technologies, their commercialization and implementation.
  • OCT by status, is a structural subdivision of the Department for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of KSTU, coordinating innovation and entrepreneurial activities and activities for the commercialization of R & D in the scientific and academic departments of the University.

    Contact details: Cabinet 250, the main educational building of KSTU
    Address: Boulevard of Mira 56, Karaganda, 100026, Kazakhstan
    Tel: 8 (7212) 56-75-97, ext.2003