Department of Vocational education and pedagogy

The aim of the department: – improving the quality and quantity of the educational process; – improving the efficiency of educational and methodical process; – development of a complex of fundamental and applied research, involvement in scientific activities of teachers and students; – the development of student personality on the basis of educational work.

The following specialties are taught at the department of Vocational Education and Pedagogy

5В012000 «Vocational Education», the training of specialists on the basis of which the following education programs are taught:
Machinery Engineering production;
Civil engineering
The usage and repair of vehicles;
Informational technologies;
Economics and management of business entities;
Connection and Telecommunication;
Metallurgy production.

010400 – «Basic Military training». Only at our University in this specialty, students are trained at the military department followed by assigning the rank “Sergeant” and after an internship in the army the rank “lieutenant”.

The aim of educational program in this sphere is the education of professionally-oriented person. This education includes the whole holistic worldview natural sciences, high production-technical, economic erudition and culture, stable moral orientation and fundamental training.

The Department uses in the educational process the leading scientific and educational achievements in the field of higher education training, enhance the quality of education that encourage creativity of teachers in teaching methods and organizational work. The department is equipped with modern facilities, and is constantly working to improve it. The main aim of this educational program is to train highly-qualified and competitive specialists in the military sphere; the development of the sense of the political maturity and patriotism.