Round table on the theme: «Tilge Kurmet – Yelge Kurmet»

To International mother language day on  February 21, 2016 in KSTU in the hostel №1  was held a round table on the topic «Tilge  Kurmet – Yelge Kurmet».

The main objective of the round table – the extension of the scope of native language, promoting the status and importance, improve the level of knowledge of Kazakh language among other nationalities and students, to increase interest in izuchayu language.

To awaken a sense of patriotism, love for Motherland, language, traditions and to foster respect for history.

During the roundtable raised questions regarding the fate of the native language. It has been said that knowledge of the native language is no barrier to learning a new language, but rather helps to become a true patriot. The main task of each is to contribute to the development of the native language.

Students voiced their thoughts and gave their answers to the question «What is the position of the native language today?». As well as playing a kui on dombra and told Proverbs about language.

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