Meeting of police support units of KSTU with the district inspector of the Ministry of Railways

On March 28, 2017 in the Assembly Hall of the hostel №1 there was a meeting of the police forces of hostels «Armandastar Ordasi», No.1 and «Serpedeepor Ordasi» with the district inspector of the local police service Zh. S. Shokhabaev.

Shokhabayev Zh.S. Explained the need for students to temporarily register at their place of residence and the essence of the provisions of the Law «On Temporary Registration».

The attention of the students was drawn to the procedure for the restoration of lost identity cards, which is carried out free of charge in the CHS within 10 days after the loss.

Paragraph 16 of the Rules of Documentation and Registration of Population on Invalid Identity Documents and Responsibility Measures was also clarified.

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