The competition for the best creative work “My native land”

In the framework of the implementation of the Plan of the Nation “100 concrete steps” for implementation of five institutional reforms of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev” — the step 87 “Development and implementation of a national project to strengthen civic identity “Menin Elim”” the Research Institute of Patriotic education together with the STU “Zhas Orda” announce a contest for the best creative work “My native land” about the history and culture of native land, interesting events and life.

Contest rules:

In the Competition take part all interested students and undergraduates of KSTU.

For participating in the contest:

1. Apply up to November 10, 2015. (personally or by e-mail). The application should contain surname, name, patronymic, course, Department, specialty, job title, contact phone, email address.
2. Send tour work not later than February 1, 2016.
Participant may submit both individual and collective work (work in collaboration).

Types of work:

– Presentation / project in the form of a presentation;
– Abstract / article (photos are in pdf format);
– Video.

The theme of the works accepted for participation in the competition:

– The history of the hometown in the names of streets (abstract-article for the anniversary of the founding of the city, the village).
– The project is a tourist route to the native land (using maps, diagrams and photos).
– Environmental travelling to the native land (journey through the natural objects of native city, village, etc., including photos of protected natural territories, monuments of nature).
– “Create a brand of native land” (the Image of your native city, village, etc., its identity through the story of the famous countrymen, unique production and etc. in the form of a presentation, video clip).

Requirements to the contest works.

1. Essay / article:
Total: abstract — no more than 15 pages, article – 5-7 pages

Line spacing — single. The font color is black. The body font is Times New Roman. Size (size) 14 points. The page margins: left — 30 mm, top, bottom, left — 20 mm. the Format of a paragraph: fully justified (“width”). Paragraph indent — 1,25 throughout the text. Photographs are given in the Appendix to the essay. Illustrations must be signed, a reference to the application by text is required.

2. Presentation / project:
The number of slides in the project – 25-30, presentation – 15.

Entries may be submitted as follows:

presentations / projects — on electronic media (CD, DVD, flash card).

3. Video:
Duration 10-15 minutes, on electronic media (CD, DVD, flash card).

The works are accepted to the address: KSTU, building 6, RM. 307 – Sri of Patriotic education.


Phone for information: 56-59-28 (int.1101)

The competition rules on the website

The competition results will be announced on April 20,2016 and posted on the website

The rights of winners and prize-winners of the Creative competition.

1. Winners of Competition are awarded by diplomas and certificates.
2. All participants will be awarded with diplomas of the participant.
3. Creative works of the winners of the Competition will be provided later (by request of the participant) at the regional and national levels.