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The Republican scientific-technical magazine “Universitettin enbekteri- University’s works” of Karaganda state technical university is included into the list of editions recommended by the Committee on control in the sphere of education and science of the MES RK for publication the main results of dissertations.

Results of higher school reform and scientific attestation system in the republic of Kazakhstan based on three-leveled education system in accordance with the principles of organization of the Bologna process: academic mobility, international exchange, two-diploma education, multiplicity of trajectory teaching of bachelors, masters and PhD – doctoral students, development of distance education system influence positively on all spheres of university life, including on the content of articles in the magazine.

Problems of higher school in the scope of the Bologna process, innovational development of professional education on the base of specialized software-based complexes and telecommunication means with the following creation of distance learning system not limited in geographical borders, have become a platform connecting scientists and teachers of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan of near and far abroad.

Examples are international contacts of the scientists, teachers, students, MC students and doctoral students with colleagues from Russia, Germany, The Czech Republic, Japan, china and other countries, participation of KSTU in international programmes “Sionergiya”, “TEMPUS”, USHOS.

Practical experience of getting two-diploma education in Master course of KSTU and institute MEI – Festo (on specialty “Automation and control”) got in the process of programme realization of “Sinergiya”. Master course students of APP department have passed term learning on USCO programme in National Research University “MEI” and Uralsk Federal university named after the First President of the RF Yeltsin B.N.

Well-known in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in CIS and far abroad scientists of the university have started the preparation of PhD students:

In the sphere of geotechnologies and safety of vital activity: academician of NAS RK Gazaliyev A.M., professor Drizhd N.A., Portnov V.S. Nizametdinov F.K.; Issabek T.K., Serykh V.I.;

In the sphere of metallurgy and machine building: professor Issagulov A.Z., Zhetessova G.S., Glotov B.N., Nikolayev Yu.A.;

In the sphere of construction, transport and economics: professor Baijanov Zh.O., Bakirov Zh.B., Mаlybayev S.K.; Kadyrov A.S., Akmetzhanov B.A., Steblyakova L.P.;

In the sphere of automation and electric power: professor Breydo I.V., Feshin B.N.;

In the sphere of higher school problems: Professor Egorov V.V., Pak Yu.N.

Scientists of the university helped magazine to acquire new features and qualities with own scientific achievements and publications, quality, culture and innovative direction of articles published in magazine at the time of its formation and at a present time.

JCS “National centre of scientific-technical information” determined impact-factor of the scientific magazine “Universitettin enbekteri – University works” for 2009, which comprised the amount equal to 0.063 on Kazakhstan citation base. Version in English language is issued for further enhance of the rating of magazine, available for wide range of scientists in electronic, soon in solid variants.

At present time there is a trinity form of languages presented articles in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

The main thematic direction of the magazine identified in publication of materials by the following section:

1. Problems of higher school.

2. Machine building . Metallurgy.

3. Geotechnologies. Safety of vital activity.

4. Construction. Transport. Economy.

5. Automation. Energetics. Information technologies. Management.

6. Scientific data.

7. CV (in Russian, Kazakh, Russian languages)

8. Informational data

9.  Rules of issuance and presentation of articles for magazine “University works”


 Property owner of the magazine:

РК The Republican state enterprise on the right of economic directing of “Karaganda state technical university” MES RK

Territory of magazine distribution: The Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries

Post address of KSTU:100027 Karaganda, Bulvar Mira, 56,

Phone: (8-7212)-56-51-92; fax: (8-7212)-56-03-28.

Magazine is published four times a year, at the end of the following months:  March; June;   September; December.

Address for contact with edition:

100027, Karaganda, Ave. Nursultan Nazarbayev, 56, IV building, aud. 107, responsible secretary of  edition council of magazine «University works», Doct.Tech.Sci., professor of APP department of KSTU Feshin Boris Nikolayevich.

Address e-mail:,

Phone: (8-7212)-56-53-25

Rules of issuance and presentation of articles for magazine “University works”

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