Thanksgiving Day

The first day of spring was greeted with the word “THANK you”. Since March 1 is celebrated young, but with a very deep sense of the holiday — the day of gratitude.  Thanksgiving day is a day of honor of each citizen of the country to each other, who on the way of the structure of Independent Kazakhstan under the leadership of the head of state for such a short time overcame a difficult time.

Thanksgiving day is a bright day of Kazakhstan patriotism, unity and friendship. So the students of KIT Karstu decided to celebrate this day and thank the people who in their opinion are worthy of gratitude, namely by preparing a poster with their own hands and poems of gratitude went to congratulate the staff of the Children’s regional clinical hospital and fire Department №1 of Karaganda. Doctors, honey.the sister of the emergency room and the firemen were pleasantly surprised and grateful that they appreciate their work. In turn, they wished the students of KIT success, health, lead the right way of life, play sports and help others.