Competition “My Robot”

In order to promote scientific and technical creativity of youth within the framework of the Republican military-patriotic collection “Aydin”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held on Robotics Competition “My Robot” in robototehniki- models of robots and robotic devices, created by members of the military -patrioticheskih (regional) military boarding schools on their own or with consulting support teachers.

The competition can participate robots in the form of moving models, such as the replacement of man in combat situations to save human life or to work in conditions that are not compatible with human capabilities, in military purposes: exploration, fighting, for the detection and neutralization of explosive substances (radioactive substances) etc. The robot design can be used pieces of plastic, metal, wood, cardboard or any other material. Dimensions arbitrary. The robot can be operated with or without control. Most robots will be awarded prizes.

For more information please consult the department “Technology and communication system” 4 housing KSTU, 406 office.