Republican science practice seminar “Interdisciplinary connections as a means of implementing an integrative approach in multilingual education”

In order to support the program of trilingual education, modernization of higher education and the development of multilingual personality, Department of Russian language and speech culture, together with the Institute for advanced studies, organized and conducted training courses of the national level from April 2 to 6, 2018 on theme “Interdisciplinary connections as a means of implementing an integrative approach in multilingual education”.

The main purpose and objectives of the advanced courses were:

  • studying the real language situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and determining the prospects for further development and implementation of multilingual education in Kazakhstan;
  • definition of the role of interdisciplinary connections as a didactic principle of education on the basis of interaction and mutual influence of humanitarian, pedagogical and technical disciplines;
  • identification of mechanisms of formation of the language personality of the engineer on the basis of the integrated approach of representatives of science and technology to development of model of the multilingual expert;
  • search for ways to improve the methods and efficiency of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The courses were attended by scientists and teachers from Nazarbayev University, Eurasian National University, Aktobe State Medical University, E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, Karaganda State Technical University, as well as teachers of colleges and school teachers of the region. Thanks to the presence of theorists and practitioners at the courses it was possible to organize a platform for the exchange of views and ideas; establish information, methodological and methodological work on the effective implementation of multilingual education in higher and secondary education.

In the course of advanced training courses the innovative university experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language in a technical university, as well as the experience of teachers of specialized schools for gifted children of Karaganda N. Nurmakov and “Daryn” was demonstrated. Teachers of the Department of Russian language and culture of KSTU held master classes and discussion platforms with foreign students and students enrolled in the program “Serpin”. The organizers of the event introduced the guests modern educational technologies based on the relationship of language with cultural studies, psychology, history, music, traditions of the people. Teachers of specialized schools told students about their own innovative teaching experience and strategies that considering intellectual and personal characteristics of students.

Students of the course acquainted with the new forms and methods of training, concluded that the effectiveness of multilingual education depends on the professional skills of the teacher, his methodical literacy, responsible and caring attitude to their work. According to the students, such courses give a powerful impetus to the disclosure of new horizons in the process of teaching in non-native and foreign languages, to obtain new opportunities for the development of professional activities that meet high quality standards.

Surely, teachers of the Department will not satisfied with what has already been achieved, they will continue to intensify efforts to improve the skills of teachers; to support and cooperate with teachers of colleges and school teachers, teaching language disciplines in a foreign language; to continue work on the activities on the problems of multilingual education.