Today, on 26 January, Universiade Torch Relay was held in two cities of Karaganda region – Temirtau and Karaganda.

The ceremony of the fire origin began at blast furnace of № 2 JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau». The comrade of the President, veteran of work Kuanysh Omashev lit the torch and handed it to the torchbearer – a student of Karaganda State Industrial University. At the same time, the deputy akim of Karaganda region Zhandos Abishev and students of the Mining faculty of Karaganda State Technical University, Nurbol Jussupov and Serik Zhunussov went down into T. Kuzembayev mine, and participated in the extraction of coal, which was taken to the main cauldron in the Ice Palace «Karaganda arena».

The length of the regional torch relay was 12 kilometers: 3 in Temirtau  and 9 in Karaganda. The entire route was divided into distance, each of which was 200 metres away. The Universiade fire alternately was carried by 60 pre-selected torchbearers. The first two hundred meters of the torch relay in Karaganda was run by akim of the region Nurmukhambet Abdibekov, and he handed the fire relay to the 4-course student of Mechanical Engineering faculty of KSTU Sergey Ivanov. Among the torchbearers of the Torch Relay from KSTU 6 people participated: Aibat Kalkamanov (S-14-2), Erkhan Kabyl (FIT-14-1p.), Sergey Ivanov (MASH-13-4), Aidar Bolatov (OP-14-4), Manara Kusspekova (graduate student of STM-16-1), Ayatolla Nabiyev (BZHD-13-1).

In honor of the Torch Relay in Karaganda, a solemn meeting was held near the stadium Shakhter, where akim of Karaganda region Nurmukhambet Abdibekov spoke a congratulatory speech.

– Today is a great day for all Kazakhstan people, including all residents of Karaganda. The Universiade fire was lit from the blast furnace of the Karaganda metallurgical combine and it will continue its path connecting with Karaganda coal. It’s symbolic because Karaganda land was, is and will be a solid economic pillar of our independent country. Here, labor nature was forged and the labor-political biography of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev began on Karaganda land. I heartily congratulate all the participants of this truly historic event. These days the attention of the sports community around the world has focused on Kazakhstan. I wish the Kazakhstan athletes, especially the representatives from our region to compete at the world University games, – said the head of the region.

In the path of the fire, the citizens greeted torchbearers. At the monument of Independence, the students of KSTU organized a flash mob in support of the Universiade -2017.

By 16:00, the fire was delivered to the destination – the Ice Palace. At the ceremony of the merger of the fire, akim of the region Nurmukhambet Abdibekov said a speech, in which he emphasized that the Universiade will play in favor of our economy.

– Now, when the world is shaken by a different kind of disagreement, sports is a kind of an ambassador of peace, – Nurmukhambet Kanapiyevich said.

The fire, carried through Temirtau and Karaganda was placed in a specially installed bowl, where the coal extracted by students of KSTU was put. It symbolized the Union of metallurgists and miners.

An ice show with demonstration performances of figure skaters, masters of shorts-a track, Omsk ballet on ice was held on the ice of «Karaganda-Arena».

At the end of the event, the Fire in a special flask was sent by the air company «Аir Astana» to Almaty. It was accompanied by a young boxer, technical delegate of the torch relay Ablaikhan Zhussupov.

We will remind that the XXVII World Winter Universiade will be held from 29 January to 8 February, in Almaty. More than two thousand athletes from 57 countries at the age from 17 till 28 years will take part in the competition. 3,000 volunteers will be involved for the period of the Universiade. Arrival of about 30 thousand foreign guests and tourists is expected.

The following students were included in the membership of volunteers from Karaganda State Technical University:

1. Аizhan Kantarbayeva, S-16-2
2. Каmila Yenkibayeva, TS-16-1
3. Аbzal Arinov, TS-16-1
4. Мanas Аsspengazyev, GPR-15-2
5. Аidana Каyrkul, GIK-15-1
6. Аdilzhan Мukanbetzhanov, МЕТ-16-1
7. Aibar Galymbek, МЕТ-16-2
8. Аyaulym Oshanova, МЕТ-16-1п
9. Nurtlek Kairkenov, МАSH-15-2
10. Еlena Skakova, ХТОВ-14-2
11. Мalika Abdolova, BT-16-1
12. Inabat Maulenova, NVP-16-1
13. Аidana Yessbayeva, FIEM-15-2
14. Sabina Sulaymanova, FIEM-15-3
15. Sabina Sadykbekova, FIEM-16-1
16. Тatyana Yankova, FIEM-15-3
17. Аrysstan Orazbekov, PS-16-2
18. Аssylbek Bakytbekuly, A&U 16-1
19. Aissultan Karibayev, IS-16-1p
20. Galya Ormanbayeva, PS-16-2