The plan of research work of department of Informatics for 2011-2012

The plan of research work of department of Informatics for 2011-2012





Event (name) Term of execution Executors Mark about performance
1 Performance of research work 

Working out of the program of definition of reliability of the electromechanical equipment. Question statement. Definition of problems.

Within an academic year Likhachev V.V.
2 The conclusion of contracts and contracts on performance of scientific research work  

Open Company “КАЮР” (1200000)

February, 2012 Likhachev V.V.
3 The publication of results of scientific research work 

The publication of articles (9 articles)

Participation in conferences (10 reports)

June, 2012 The department faculty
4 Inventive activity: 

Certificate reception on intellectual property (2 pieces)

April, 2012 Likhachev V.V.
5 The international activity 

The conclusion of contracts on cooperation.

Novosibirsk State Technical university

April, 2012 Likhachev V.V.
6 Research work with students According to plan Likhachev V.V. Mazhitova D.S.